About Us

Welcome to discoverislam.co.in. The primary aim of this site is to provide essential information about Islam. We are committed to spread the message of Islam through sincere actions, by adhering to the teachings of Qur'an an d Sunnah.

We stand unified upon truth and provide all with the invitation to peace and true religion. We know our objective and responsibility towards providing authentic resources; therefore we review all aspect of our site regularly and strive to make sure we provide the correct teachings of Islam. However we are ordinary people working to educate the masses as well as learn ourselves. We cannot guarantee you 100% accuracy, we therefore request you to contact us if you are aware of any errors.

We are not affiliated with any particular movement, sect, group, etc. We absolutely condemn in the strongest terms Terrorism and any Extremism done in the name of Islam and we refuse to associate ourselves with those who practice and condone such behavior and thoughts.

The (4 LINES) Project of DIET:

1. PROPAGATION: Programs to promote awareness on Islam

2. EDUCATION: Educational programs to develop the Society.

3. BROTHERHOOD: Programs to enrich the Brotherhood amongst all Mankind.

4. HUMANITY: Conduct Social welfare activities to help the Humanity

DIET conducts regular Arabic Language Learning Classes, weekly lectures in Urdu and English, Qur'an Recitation Classes and also conducts Public Talks and Symposia.

We also provide a Sales section, where books, VCDs and DVDs are available. We regularly print books and distribute them free amongst the masses

Dear Brothers and Sisters Support the activities of DIET and share in our projects as much as possible.