A Resolution made by DIET, to bring peace during the Eid Celebrations in India.

Considering the issues concerning peace and harmony in our city and country, I would henceforth not advertise or organize the Eid Salaah congregation in accordance to the universal sighting or on basis of Scientific Calculations or even upon the Local sighting, until the authorities concerned with this issue comes to a common understanding InshaaAllaah. However, I would promote the right understanding of the matter to educate and propagate the truth about the matters concerning the Moon Sighting. My endeavour on the issue would henceforth be purely academically motivated; and not applicational.

However, as an individual I may or may not pray in any congregation organized by any Sunni Jamaath of the place I live during the day of the Eid inshaaAllah. And my personal practice would not be advertised or promoted either henceforth.

Just for information, from the past 2 years I have prayed in both the congregations organized by the members favoring the universal and the local Moonsighting, while celebrating Eid with both the Jamiaths that differed with each other on this issue, hoping to achieve some peace. But my future practice may or may not be the same. And would not be discussing in the social forums either. All done in the search for peace.

Hope this resolution made brings peace and ease to all. Have happy Eids ahead inshaaAllah. Let's work towards bonding relations, and let's pave ways for healthy discussions to lead our community towards progress and prosperity. BaarakAllaahu feekum.

- Umar Shariff
President, DIET