FOCUS INDIA launched in Bangalore.

On the 18th of June, 2016, DIET's President Umar Shariff (Shariff Bin Basheer) participated at the launch of Focus India by the ISM, Kerala. It was wonderful to see the honorable guests and hosts share the dais with prominent personalities such as Shaikh Salaahudeen KNM, Mr. Shariff Kotapurt, Mr. Jafar Vanimel, Mr. Jaabir Armani, Mr. Yahya Khan and others at the Savoury, Bangalore.

At the outset of the speech, Umar Shariff congratulated the Kerala based organization for having considered to Focus on the entire India to benefit the Indians feel the breeze of peace. He said that Kerala is a place where the culture of Islam is preserved well through its educational system. Kerala has a unique system of Maktabs that are professionally handled for the students going to regular classes to attend the Maktabs in the mornings and evenings. The curriculum at the Maktab is also sound enough to teach the children arabic language, Hifz and the Deen. And if Kerala can take this trend across the country, then that's a great success indeed.

He appreciated the culture of the Keralites in general when it comes to the matters of literacy, cleanliness etc. However, he stressed on a very important aspect that is required among the organizations in Kerala - Unity.

Unity among the Muwahhideen - the monotheists is fundamentally a need of the hour. Having said that he said that the KNM itself in Kerala is divided into many groups. Such trends are not healthy for a community. On tertiary issues the Ummah must not get split. We must know on what basis to unite, and on what basis to disunite. And that understanding comes while we study the Deen from the credible scholars of this religion.

Tolerance amongst the Muslims is required. People must understand how the Sahaabaa had differences amongst themselves in certain issues, yet they would stay together as a Jamaah. He cited the example of Abdullah Bin Masood radhiyAllaahu 'anhu pray behind the Khalifa Uthman Bin Affan radhiyallaahu 'anhu in Mina during Hajj, 4 rakaaths, although he knew that the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam was 2 rakaaths. And when people enquired Abdullah Bin Masood about the tolerance he had, he said Al-Ikhtilaafu Sharrun - Differing is evil. This example was cited to show that the Sahabaa differed with one another, yet they remained united under their leaders. They were truthful to their covenants.

But today, we are a people who can't tolerate one another. With this kind of mindset it is really hard to reach the entire country.

If we can spread peace among Muslims, while we share authentic knowledge from the scholars of the Deen, then the goal is achievable InshaaAllah.

We must not strive to do good to only Muslims; but our goal is to help humanity by teaching them that which benefits them in this world and the hereafter.