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Education Centric Talks by Br. NISAAR NADIADWALA

On Sunday, 29th November, 2015 at IMA Hall, Bangalore.


Education Centric Talks by Br. NISAAR NADIADWALA

On Saturday, 28th November, 2015 at IMA Hall, Bangalore.


Sunday's event in Sirigere, Bellary district on the topic: HOW TO SHUN ALL EVILS?

Wonderful Conference in Kannada language. The Muslims and the Non-Muslims spoke in the issues concerning theology and social welfare.


Saturday's event in Bangalore on the topic: COWS IN INDIA - From the Ancient and Modern Perspective.


The Newspapers - Salar, Siyasat and Sahara have carried the adverts for Saturday's event (7/11/2015) on "COWS IN INDIA - From the Ancient and Modern Perspective".

GOJU RYU KARATE DO KENRYU KAN Championship Tournament

AL BASHEER International School students win medals at the GOJU RYU KARATE DO KENRYU KAN Championship Tournament.

The boys from AL BASHEER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL participated in the Karate Fighting Championship Tournament, held between 11th-14th October, 2015, in Byadgi, Haveri District, Karnataka, conducted by Goju Ryu Karate Do Kenryu Kan India (affiliated to Japan).

People from across the state had participated in it. Our school boys had to even face black belts and National level fighters in an electrifying arena. Despite the fact that our children participated in various categories for the first time in this, they have bagged three medals. Praise the Lord. Syed Raiyan of 9th Std secured 2nd place, Owais Sajjad Shafi of 8th Std & Saqlain Pasha of 4th Std secured the 3rd place. We thank Br. Hisham, the Karate trainer for training and encouraging our school children. And we hope to see our boys bag the first place, God Willing in the future.

Glory be to Allah.

Muhammad Ameeruddin is his name. Mark it in the books of history. - Umar Shariff, PM, AIDCA

When I was on the dais in AIDCA's summit in Hyderabad, a man in crutches came to the stage to share his thoughts on da'wah. This was Ameeruddin, who addressed the gathering there, while making a statement, "Ever since I came to know the importance of doing da'wah, I stood up for this cause". That statement was so profound on me to reflect that a man who cannot stand up without crutches, says that he stood up for the cause! Believe me, he is soon to make you all amazed by his da'wah projects inshaaAllah. I wouldn't want to say more. You may read his article below:

I am Muhammad Ameeruddin, Computer Science Engineer by Profession - from Hyderabad India.
I was a keen learner of Dawah through the videos of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat and Dr. Zakir Naik, I watched it and tried to implement it in college among my friends giving dawah.
I wanted Dr Zakir Naik to teach me the way Sk Deedat taught him (watched those lectures on youtube - where in sk deedat teaching dr zakir naik) However I couldn't get in touch with Dr Zakir Naik as i did not know how to approach. Wrote few mails to IRF, but may be there were many more important mails by brothers and sisters around the world and I couldn't get answered

After Finishing Engineering with Computers as Majors, I worked for some time in MNC then later on moved to Singapore where my brother works as Project Manager,

This was the beginning of the change Alhamdulillah There I met Chinese Muslims and was amazed by their eeman, which made me to introspect of what I was doing.

I used to believe that having recited Shahada we are guaranteed Jannah and was living a life according to the dargah culture - I was just a Name Sake Muslim,but Alhamdulillah Allah Subhanavataala guided me and I did Islamic research and started practicing Islam I can be called as a revert as I left Baap Daada Culture and followed Islam upon Quran and Sunnah.

It was difficult to convey it to my family who lived all life believing in Asking through intercession, Doing Milad, Sleeping Thursdays in Shrines. However I started doing Islah few of them are turning towards Righteous path Alhamdulillah by the mercy of Allah swt.,

I used to ask many sheikhs to give me Dawah Training because I wanted to learn the deen, practice and preach it.

Alhamdulillah finally after a brief search for dawah training programs I took the Dawah Training Course which was conducted by Br. Ather Khan (Student of Zakir Naik) and it was a life changing moment for me.

During the Training we were given Quranic Verses to memorize and one aayath of Qur'an which struck my attention was from Surah Imran Ch 3. Verse 104 Allah Subhanvataala said,
"Waltakum Minkum ummatui yadoona ilal khair, waya'muruna bil maa'roof wayan hauna anil munkar waoolaaika humul muflihoon."
Meaning - "Let Arise among you a band of people, inviting to what is right, and forbidding what is wrong and these are the people who would attain felicitation (meaning successful)".

I felt, Allah Subhanavataala is calling me and this aayat is towards me, it was very inspiring Alhamdulillah and I chose dawah as my goal of life. There are many jobs to do, but the greatest job is to connect the Abd with his Creator.

Then, later on Alhamdulillah for close to 2 years I worked for Islamic Information Center, Hyderabad as a Daee and Alhamdulillah Many people accepted Islam during my tenure there, Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb.

Now I have left my job at Islamic Information Center and now am planning to establish "Islamic Call Center" by the will of Allah Subhanavataala, it is my dream project and I have named it "Islamic Help Line".

Islamic Help Line will In shaa Allah be Islamic Call Center upon the Manhaj (Righteous Predecessors)-

A platform where in people from all over the world can know about Islam, get their questions answered by Ulema for Muslims and by Duaats for Non Muslims, Separate Section for Sisters which will be handled by Sisters wing In shaa Allah


• To act as a 24 X 7 Information Bureau for Islam
• To provide in-depth information about all aspects and facets of Islam
• To dispel the myths and misgivings spread against Islam
• To promote dialogue and human interaction with those desirous of seriously pondering on the message of Islam
• To popularize and promote the message of Quran
• To create awareness about the exemplary life of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be with him)
• Alhamdulillah I am born Special physically challenged by birth Alhamdulillah, I walk with the assistance of crutches and I don't think that I am disabled or I lag behind anything.

Actually, there is no deformity in the creation of Allah Subhanavataala, Allah Subhanavataala does everything perfect, He said, “Laqad Khalaqnal Insaana Fee ahsani Taqweem Quran Ch 95:4 Meaning of the Aayah is “We Have created Man in the Best of stature” He made me special, A special blessing which Allah Subhanavataala chose for me and I am very thankful to him for this life Alhamdulillah ya Rabb.

I live every second of my life with compassion, happiness and responsible life with an attitude to change the world by Igniting minds. I aspire to convey the message of Islam to all parts of the world till I breath my last breath and Looking for a pious practicing wife to support me in conveying the message of Islam to sisters and continue the work of dawah In shaa Allah if I die followed by my children who would take up the field of dawah and spread the happiness into the lives of people by connecting them to their Rabb Allah Subhanavataala.

• My life is a Mission life to in shaa Allah take from the Treasures of Allah Subhanavataala and give out to the people. Allah Subhanavataala has blessed me with Aqlaaq, good voice and a great mother Alhamdulillah.

Current Activities:

• We are planning to start Islamic Help Line by the mercy of Allah subhanavataala to provide a platform for people from all over the world to know Islam.
• Handling a 4 Month Diploma in Dawah Training a 4 months program for Brothers and Sisters from all over the world who wishes to be Duaats upon Qur’an and Sunnah
• Dawah On a Call Answering Questions posed by Non Muslims upon my mobile and inviting them to Islam
• Accompanying Brothers in conveying the message of Islam by participating in Dawah Campaigns via stalls & street dawah Alhamdulillah
• Pursuing B.A.I.S 3rd Semester from Islamic Online University headed by Dr Bilal Philips.

JazakAllah khair,
Assalaamu Alaykum.
- Muhammad Ameeruddin

InshaaAllah we from AIDCA would help his project to take a shape by promoting and assisting him. And hope that he would meet Dr. Zakir Naik soon. And also may Allah grant Ameeruddin a pious wife, who can assist him in his mission. May Allah also bless his mother for raising such a blessed son.

You may write to Br. Ameeruddin on


AIDCA's 5th Summit in Hyderabad was conducted on 30th August, 2015, at the Masjid Suffah, Moin Bagh, supported by the Jamiat Ahle Hadees. Scholars and Intellectuals from the various states of India participated.

AIDCA is now heading towards Legal Aid program to the people across India. Aiming to work towards legal deliberations to restore legal rights of the Indian citizens. Striving to benefit mankind and serving humanity, by standing up for the justice of the oppressed, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. Panels of Advocates formed. All to spread peace and security, in every village, town and city.

Shaikh MutiurRahmaan Madani, Shaikh Arshad Basheer Madani, Dr. Sayeed Madani, Shaikh Rafeeq Madani, Shaikh Aejaz Saquib Oomari, Shaikh Shameem Fouzi, Shaikh Zafrul Hassan Madani, Dr. Shuaib Syed, Jifry Qasim, Shafi, Siraaj, Adv. Faiz, Umar Shariff, Ashraf Muhammadi, Zaid Patel, Moinuddeen Ibn Nasrullah, Nizam, Imran Khaleel, Ashfaq Motlekar, Mohsin Khan and other members of da'wah Centres from Tamilnadu, Andhra, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and other places.

InshaaAllah to be reaching all the 29 states and 7 unions of India soon. Stay tuned to the updates on next summit and the next action plan.

Kidney Smart Classes

Pics taken during the educational program on maintaining healthy Kidneys and the precautions against rabies.

Presenters: Mr. Ebin Thomas and Dr. Ravoof Khan.

Muslim organisations in Karnataka appeal for cancelling death punishment to Yakub Memon

A collective of Karnataka-based Muslim organisations including, Mission Possible for Justice & Rights (MPJR), Karnataka Muslim Muttahida Mahaz (KMMM), Discover Islam Education Trust (DIET), All India Dawah Centres Association (AIDCA) and Karnataka Muslim Muttahida Tehreek (KMMT) today urged the Centre not to hang 1993 Mumbai blast death row convict Yakub Memon.

Addressing the press here, Mr. Umar Shariff, president of DIET said that, “Yakub Memon has already spent around 22 years behind the bars for the role which has not even been clearly or convincingly established. He or his family should not be punished for the alleged crimes of his brother”.

Referring to the view of the late head of the counter-terrorism division of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) B Raman, who had favoured clemency for Yakub Memon on the ground that he had cooperated with investigating agencies and does not deserve to be hanged, Syed Shafiullah of Janatal Dal (Secular) urged the government to commute the death penalty to life sentence, for if carried out, it would not serve the interests of justice.

He also presented former Supreme Court judge Justice (Retd.) Markandey Katju, who last week said that the evidence on which Memon has been found guilty is “very weak”, and there has been “gross travesty of justice” in the case.

Syed Mohammed Iqbal, general secretary of the Karnataka Muslim Muttahida Mahaz, questioned what he termed as ‘double standard’ practiced in the decision to hang Menon.

“Justice B N Srikrishna’s report, submitted in 1998, had named Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray as the man who directed the violence in the January 1993 phase of the riots, which claimed the lives of over 900 innocent people, yet he was given a state funeral. He pointed out that those scheduled to hang for two other crimes, the assassinations of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh, have not yet been hanged. All we are asking is to give Memon the same clemency that these people have been granted.”

The organisation stated that there many in the country, including the Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPI, MDMK and others, who feel feel that Yaqub Memon should not be hanged.

The Best of the Best

On June 13th, 2015, DIET organized the event- The Best of the Best. On a rainy day people jammed up to listen to the speakers talk on the topics: The Best book for Guidance, The Best way of life, The Best Role Model for mankind, and The Best Destination of Peace. Speakers were: Imtiaz Chowdhry, myself- Umar Shariff, Raziq Saudagar and Zaid Hussein. The event was wonderfully coordinated by our dear friend Saif Sultan.

During the event, a book written by Br. Imtiaz Chowdhry was officially released; the book titled: The Muslim Jesus. I'm sure most of you are interested to read the book. InshaaAllah the book will be soon available in Amazon online sales and in the Centres in Bangalore.

It was a memorable event for me to hear to the speakers give great insights through the words of wisdom. The breeze carrying the droplets from the rain was all the more refreshing every moment of the event. InshaaAllaah more such events are on its ways soon.

The Meeting with Dr. Zakir Naik on 23rd May, 2015.

For those of you who have seen Dr. Zakir Naik on the television and public events, here is something I want to share about the last meeting with him.

We as AIDCA's members went as a delegation to congratulate Dr. Zakir Naik, for having received the King Faisal Award. We were warmly welcomed and shown wonderful hospitality by the legend. I saw an amazingly sense of simplicity and sense of humour in the man who started his Da'wah mission from a not so very big office at Dongri.

In the course of the discussions, we were given the news of the upcoming projects that were stemming up. I would love to share them here, but would like to see the promotions start from IRF itself.

Our dua's are always there for this man who made a difference to the Ummah. Yes, he is the man who had the courage to talk about Islam in front of thousands of people, in a manner that even a school going child would understand the beautiful teachings of Islam.

May Allah keep him steadfast, and grant him the best of the things in this world and the hereafter.

Brainy Stars School, Bangalore

On 19th May, 2015, at the Brainy Stars School, Bangalore, I happened to deliver a talk to the teachers at the teachers training program.

The matter that I expounded was:

1) Teachers must have the right attitude.
2) Vision must be strong to keep the motivation all through.
3) Allah honoured the generations of the Sahaabaa (the companions of the Prophet), due to their commitment to the Deen (religion).
4) We must not lose focus. The aspect of living to fulfil the social conformity is a stumbling block for our progress.
5) We are blessed people. We must thank Allah and seek His forgiveness always.
6) Obey Allah and obey His Messenger (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam). And don't let your deeds go in vain.

Many real life examples were cited from the stories of the Prophets and the Sahaabaa. I narrate the incidents from the lives of the Prophets and the righteous people in all my talks (or rather most of the talks); for that alone can bring about an Islamic character. And a teacher working in an Islamic school must be prepared to develop the Islamic character of gaining knowledge and being compassionate.

Kayalpattinam Da'wah Centre in Tamilnadu

This Monday, 4th May, 2015, I was in Kayalpattinam Da'wah Centre in Tamilnadu, that works in giving education to the reverts. I was given an opportunity to address the gathering of children and men (a mixed audience of reverts and the school children attending the summer camp) who were listening very attentively to every word that was said.

This Da'wah centre is one of its rare kind, wherein people get to board there and learn the Deen for a period of 4 months. They teach Quran, Aqeedah, Seerah and Arabic. May Allah bless Br. Zakariyya and his team to be steadfast and successful in all that they do to seek the pleasure of Allah.

At the Rotary Club Meeting in Kolkata on 4th April, 2015

{At the Rotary Club Meeting in Kolkata on 4th April, 2015, I was able to give a talk on the topic: Prophet Muhammad's (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) mission of spreading peace on earth.

In the course of my talk I expounded on the concept of One Creator for one mankind. I talked about Prophet's teachings on kindness towards animals and humans. I did elaborate that our Prophet didn't convert people through coercion; for the Qur'an says that there is no compulsion in religion. Finally I talked of the ultimate peace in paradise, that is awaiting the believers who worshipped only Allah in this world.

The audience was enthralled and exhilarated to know about the beautiful maidens in paradise.

At the end the members there felicitated me with a memento of the Rotary Club. It was a gathering of both Muslims and non-Muslims. Facilitated by Shakir bhai and Zafar bhai of IIF, in association with Br. Yusuf.}


On Thursday, 8th April, 2015, Shaikh SanaaUllaah Madani, the well known speaker from the Peace Tv delivered a talk in Bangalore at the DIET Hall. The topic of the talk was "MISAALI NOWJAWAAN", meaning "Exemplary Youth".

Shaikh SanaaUllah expounded on the great examples of the past generations, who dedicated their lives to the worship of Allah.

He said that the youth in those days were the army commanders at the age of 16, like the example of Osama bin Zaid radhiyallaahu 'anhu, who was chosen by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam to lead an army.

He said that the youths in those days had various talents, and that the Prophet would identify them and choose them to perform tasks that would suit their personality.

Abu Huraira radhiyallaahu 'anhu and Abdullah bin Abbas were of those who gained knowledge at their youth.

Instances from the lives of great men were mentioned to motivate the present youths. Like for instance Imam Bukhari rahimahullah wrote the book "At Taarikhul Kabeer", the book on the lives of the hadeeth narrators, at the age of 18. Imam Shaafi' rahimahullah started to give fatwa at the age of 20. Instances from the Ribee ibn Aamir radhiyallaahu anhu and Ameerul Momineen Umar bin Khattaab radhiyallaahu 'anhu were highly electrifying the audience.

The talk had elaborated analysis from various texts from the Qur'an and Hadeeth. It was one of the best talks given on this subject. May Allah give us all the ability to live by the principles learnt from the great men from among the pious predecessors.

"Devanu Yaaru, Avana Sandeshavenu? (Who is God, and what is His message?)"

On 29th March, 2015 at the Chikmagalore City of Karnataka, SKSM, South Karnataka Salafi Movement had organized a wonderful Conference in the Kannada language. The Conference on "Devanu Yaaru, Avana Sandeshavenu? (Who is God, and what is His message?)" Thousands of people witnessed the event. Non-Muslims benefitted out of it. Books were distributed free to the masses. A well known Politician from the BJP, Mr. C.T. Ravi had attended as a guest speaker. A hindu religious leader attended the conference.

However, there's an interesting background to this very successful conference. Chikmagalore and the surrounding areas are filled with Dargahs and shrines where the Muslims and the non-Muslims visit to seek help from. It is filled with such innovations where the people of tawheed, the monotheistic people are a hand few in number. This event was the first conference held in such a massive manner on an open ground. A few days before the event, more than 30 masjids' authorities had lodged a complaint to the Police Department to stop this conference. The Muslims who were into shirk and bid'ah wanted to stop this event. They didn't want the people to hear the message of tawheed. Guess what, Mr. C.T. Ravi, the politician from the BJP, who has his roots to the RSS, he came forward to support us in organizing this event. He talked to the Police to let us organize the event. Alhamdulillaah, Allah's help comes from where we don't even expect from. Verily, Allah has power over all things. May Allah guide Mr. C.T. Ravi to the straight path.

Mr. C.T. Ravi in his speech told that some of his people had even objected him from participating in this conference. But he said he is open minded to learn and question any dogma. He said that he will not accept anything unless he himself gets convinced with his intellectual search to understand the truth.

Br. Ishaaq (earlier Girish), distributed the books from his organization, and the books from DIET to the police and the general masses. Other speakers from the Muslims were Br. Ilyas khan and Mr. Basheer Bijapuri.

I, Umar Shariff, answered some questions raised by the members on the dais.

I spoke of the shirk that has creeped into our society, and it's harmfulness to the masses. I even spoke about 'The True God' worthy to be worshipped. It was nearly an hour and a half talk in kannada.

While I was giving the talk, in the midst of the talk, a non-Muslim walked up the stage and came closer to me, holding my hands and saying, "you have spoken well, you are a good man". He was in tears, about to prostrate to me, bending down, while I pulled him up and said, "don't prostrate to me, hug me, we are brothers". We hugged each other on the dais; and that changed the atmosphere out there. The police and the masses were amazed to see such a peaceful atmosphere, filled with compassion and love. The people of Chikmagalore are now energized after the event to work more towards spreading the message of peace. May Allah bless the congregation, and accept all the deeds done to please Him.

These pics are from the conference held on Sunday, 15th March, 2015 in Sullia, Karnataka.

The event was well organised. Good crowd of Muslims and non-Muslims listened to the talks given in Kannada and Malayalam languages (the vernacular languages).

Br. Umar Shariff spoke on the topic: Islam, the Religion of Peace.

The points that he covered were:

Islam works towards peace. Every commandment of Allah, when implemented, would let for peace to prevail. Like the example of Alcohol. Allah has forbidden alcohol. If the country bans alcohol, we can avoid a lot of crimes and accidents.

Then he talked of the importance of recognizing the power of our Creator Allah. Mankind makes mistakes when they don't know who the Creator is!!. People seek the help of humans and animals, while they worship them. Had they worshiped only Allah, then the much needed peace is easily achievable.

Then he talked of the history of Islam and the message given by all the Prophets. He also spoke about the life after death and the importance for living a life to reach Jannah.

People amongst the non-Muslims and the policemen were patiently listening to the talks and benefited from it. We pray to Allah that He guides them all to the straight path.

Press Interview in Madurai, Tami Nadu

On Feb 15th, 2015, the Press in Madurai, Tami Nadu, posed many questions to me on the issue of conversions etc. I told them that we Muslims don't focus on conversions; but we focus on conveying the truth about Islam. I told them that there's no force in Islam. Islam doesn't permit us to convert people through unethical means. However, if anyone wants to become a Muslim, we would help them to learn the process of being and living their lives as Muslims.

Da'wah program in Madurai, Tamilnadu

At the Da'wah program in Madurai, Tamilnadu on 15th Feb, 2015. I had a lot of interactions with the Daaees and non-Muslims there. Events were organised by JAQH.

Br. Umar Shariff at the TV Channel Studio in Krishna TV, Madurai

Br. Umar Shariff at the TV Channel Studio in Krishna TV, Madurai, on Feb 15th, 2015. Delivered a QnA session live for one hour to the city channel, whose average viewers are 5,000 members. Took questions on Islam, terrorism and idol worship from the non-Muslims and Muslims.

ANNAI KHADIJA COLLEGE, Ammapattinam, Tamilnadu

At the workshop for the educationist in ANNAI KHADIJA COLLEGE, Ammapattinam, Tamilnadu, on 14th Feb, 2015.

Topic: Establishing Islamic Schools- An Indispensable Endeavour.

InshaaAllaah would be conducting the advanced workshop in Bangalore soon.