Good Talks

Assalaamuala’laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu to all Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

The D.I.E.T Hall was at its fullest accommodation to the audience who were all ears to a Public talk on the topic “BACHON KI TARBIYAT KE SUNEHRE USOOL” by Advocate Faiz Syed , the Founder and President of IRC (Indian Research Centre) on 23rd January, 2016. Separate seating was arranged for Sisters.

Speaking on the topic, Br. Faiz said that our offspring are great blessings from Allah who in future are a source of perennial reward in our life hereafter if mentored rightly or a cause of grief otherwise. He said that nurturing our offspring under the motherhood of piety is their foremost right upon us. And this would be only possible if our criterion of alliance for Nikaah is religiosity rather than beauty, wealth of the women.

Every Muslim should follow five golden rules to be favored with offspring that would grow to benefit as great boon by Allah by bringing honor, happiness and solace to parents in future. And they are:

Firstly, guidance to offspring must always take place in all compassion and love towards them and seldom should we resort to caning or any punishment. In regards to the Hadeeth that says to command our children at age of 7 to offer Namaz and beat them if they do not at age 10, he commented that herein the Hadeeth is only indicative about saying to beat the child and it’s not necessarily meant that child must be beaten. He cited the classic example of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) as a father, an instance of his exalted character. Once, Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) affectionately took a baby kid into his laps. But the kid happened to urinate then. The kid’s mother got annoyed at this, but the Prophet was all calm and no sign of irritation appeared on his blessed face. Instead, he just poured over water on the urinated part of his clothes and that was all the matter. He said that beating is not an important aspect of rectifying children and that it’s a sign of frustration, having failed in showing the right approach towards disciplining or correcting them which would also not serve our purpose effectively but a mentoring of prevalent love and compassion would had done otherwise. He said that it was always the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) to greet all children whether they were own or others, place hand on their heads and do lot of du’as to them. He never in his life beat any child for whatever the case of fault was by them. Br. Faiz said that only in inevitable cases should we lightly beat children as a last resort and also only if it would prove to be effective.

Secondly, Br. Faiz said that we would have to sincerely devote off our children for the sake of Allah. Saying this he meant that priority must be given to Deen than Duniya. He said that today parents are mainly concerned about the worldly well being of their children trying to secure them education and degree qualifications but enlightening them Islamic knowledge only as a secondary responsibility either to inadequate extent or to be only seen later after worldly concerns are accomplished. He said that consequent to it, parents suffer lack of respect and compassionate treatment by their children in their old age. He said that it its very tragic to find Old Age Homes coming up in our community too today as is common amongst others, a trend which the religion Islam which accords phenomenal honor to parents greatly detests. He said that children notice and draw conclusions on the activities of their parents and would likewise think and believe. So, parents are required to prioritize matters such as Salaah, Quranic recitation, Adhkaars etc. in them so that children develop a mindset alike, striking the right balance between Deen and Duniya.

Thirdly, parents must constantly carry on mentoring children and give du’as for them frequently every moment. He said that du’as would have great impact on our children which should be started right since the Nikaah for pious offspring. He said that Prophet Ibrahhim (s.a.w.s) did du’aa for pious offspring to whole of his progeny to come and not just his siblings, which is well known through Qur’an. He said that today we are not habituated to du’aas and fathers are not much found doing it than mothers are seen doing. Whereas, father’s du’aa to his son is more accepted by Allah than of mother’s he said. He said Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) very often used to do du’aa for children of whomsoever they were.

Fourthly, parents must be a role model for children through actions than just saying words of advice. Our practical actions of Islamic deeds would make them spontaneously act likewise though they are innocent of the reason and knowledge of the deeds we do. As a commonly seen example we find our kids too standing with hands folded, bowing and prostrating all as in Salaah though not knowing what they are doing is called Salaah but just have seen their father or mother doing so he said.

He counted at certain actions for us to be very mindful about such as not failing to go to Masjid for Salaah, ourselves refraining from Haraam deeds, our women doing Ibaadah , speaking only good or keeping quiet, refraining from gossiping etc. which all are noticed by our children and moreover in their own homes which would cultivate such habits in them also.

Fifthly, parents have to relentlessly carry on advising children though if they are not seen heeding to their words, with wisdom. He said that they have to be given first from our side and only then expect from them. Br. Faiz said that for beneficial efforts, father is more required to maintain friendly communication with child than mother, not being strict and commanding. Fathers have to directly interact with children so that they do not timid to express questions in their minds when being face to face with their fathers he said.

He also said that we obsess our children by our only restricting them on Dont’s, whereas we are also required to tell them about the Do’s at the same time. He said that children are instinctively inclined to certain habits which have to be set aright meticulously by parents. As example, the habit of playing in mud or water seen in kids can be dealt by not absolute depriving them of the fun they enjoy playing with it. Rather, they should be left to play in that, but restrictively by giving them the freedom to play with mud or water under supervision of parents in a manner that causes no harm to themselves or others around on a particular time and day.

Br.Faiz counted the advices of Luqman (p.b.u.h) to his son, by which Allah was so pleased that he revealed it in his Glorious Qur’an which are as :

Oh my son, do not commit Shirk as it’s the greatest of all sin.
Oh my son, never abandon Salaah
Oh my son, beware that Allah is always seeing you and nothing can be hidden to him.
Oh my son, call people towards goodness and refrain them evils.
Oh my son, be patient to the troubles you face while calling people towards Allah, as this is of the lofty deeds.
Oh my son, never be averse to people but always maintain good relation with them.
Oh my son, never walk in pride.
Oh my son, adopt moderation in your conduct.
Oh my son, never be loud voiced, as being loud voiced is the trait of Donkey.

Later a Q & A took place in which Br. Faiz elaborately dealt on the questions posed by the audience by the knowledge he gained after many years of research and experience at IRC. The Q & A session featured most of the part on the evil of television that needs to be rooted out from our homes although it possesses benefits but its consequences being more and serious. JazaakAllahu khairan.


On Saturday, 23rd Jan, 2016, I happened to participate as one of the panelists for the discussion on NEWS 9 TV Channel, on the topic: ARE THE YOUTHS GETTING RADICALISED THROUGH THE INTERNET?

The points that I covered during the discussion were:

1) When we say "youth", it is not limited to only some youngsters from a particular community. One may find the youths getting radicalized in any community for that matter. Youths need to be raised under the mentoring of the elders in the community. And if the youths get detached from the scholars and the elders of the community, that's when we can expect them to get radicalised. And generally, those youths who have no job or ambitions in life are the ones who can fall prey to misleading promises.

2) We say that the elders from the community centres must be active to reach out to the young ones and address their issues. So, a strong connection and bonding between the knowledgable and the youths is very essential. The Churches, Masjids and the Temples and all the religious institutions must reach out to the young ones in their communities to keep them well informed of values, before the ignorants misinform them.

3) However, in the name of controlling terrorism, we have found in the past many youths being arrested, and later acquitted by the court after knowing that they were innocents; such as the case of MutiUrRahmaan, Sameer, Dr. Shaan and others. We don't agree to the reports which talks of the growing radicalisation in our community; since we are physically not seeing that in our masjids or localities. Hence it is shocking for our scholars and elders to see the arrest of youths from our community.

4) I don't deny that there's so much of malicious content on the internet that misleads the youth, but I must say that there's also good and beneficial contents that educates the youth to stay away from the misleading deviants. Like there's poison on the internet; there's antidote too for the poison. The deviant concepts are time and again denounced by our scholars of the religion of Islam. The deviants are even refuted by our youths through the social media.

5) I feel there needs to be many inter-religious dialogues between the various groups to understand each other to earn the good-will and confidence among us. You must know what we say, and what we believe. We don't even want to call the extremists as ISIS (Islamic State..); we would rather term them as NISIS (Non-Islamic State ...). That's the stand that we take. As I said, all the scholars of various factions of the Muslim community have officially denounced the NISIS or ISIS. The Sunnis, Shias, Ahlul Hadeeth and others have officially condemned them in public forums.

6) We truly don't understand why a person would go all the way to join the extremists. I do understand that when a Muslim in any part of the world dies, another Muslim in India may want to help the oppressed ones. But then, when one realises that the infighting is between the Muslims in the wars in Syria and elsewhere, why would a Muslim from here want to kill either of the Muslims, if he really cares for the Muslim brotherhood? I feel there's some other factors beyond the brotherhood factor that is to be looked into.

7) The youths arrested are stilled the ALLEGED SUSPECTS AND SYMPATHIZERS of the ISIS. We cannot conclude about them, unless the verdict is given on the basis of proofs and evidences.

8) The Moulvi who was arrested few days ago in Bangalore may have been involved in giving hate speeches; he might have spoken against a politician or an actor in his sermons, but that is not an evidence to convict him for the involvement in terrorist acts.

9) My personal experiences in reporting against the cyber-crimes in the past has really been fruitful. We have filed cases against members from the other communities for such crimes, and we've found results.

10) I must say that it is not only the youths that may promote such malicious contents on the social media; these kinds of contents can also be disseminated by those elderly men wearing completely White dress - the shirt and the pant, like the politicians, who also have been involved in spreading misinformation through the internet.

11) I would finally request all the members of the various communities to come together to join hands and talk of the development of our country India. Remember, the development of this country will not be a reality if any one of the communities is being marginalised or polarised.

I must say that the other panelists Mr. Sunil Abraham and Sis. Christine spoke in a balanced tone, basing their points on an academic level.

Mr. Sunil said that many a times the way we handle the youths are not appropriate to win their confidence. And he also said that we cannot conclude the youths to indulge in terrorism, just on the basis of assumptions.

He even said that the videos that the ISIS makes are like the quality of the ones made in Hollywood; for which I couldn't control my laughter, and agreed that they look like the ones REALLY MADE IN HOLLYWOOD - LITERALLY!

He even talked of the western policies that lets such malicious contents available through the internet, and are not keen on controlling them, while they selectively control contents that may violate copyrights. He said that if the governments and the private companies want to effectively control such contents, they can surely do it. But they have allowed such contents to be accessible!

He also said that, one may not conclude anyone to be radicalised, just by knowing the contents he reads on the internet. He said that the reader may read to critique the content or to refute it. So we cannot come to conclusions at once.

Sis. Christine talked of the responsibilities of the elders, by saying that they have to be with the young ones to monitor the contents they watch. She said that the materials they read and watch will have an effect on their psyches.

Overall the discussion went positive, although the topic was negative. May Allah bring khair (goodness) to our society, and may Allah make us the ones who spread peace on earth. Blessed be the Peace Makers. :)

Yoga - TV9 - Dialogue in Kannada

In yesterday's Tv dialogue on TV9 Kannada channel, i.e on 11th June 2015, on the issue of Yoga being made compulsory in schools, I said that there are fataawaa of scholars discouraging the Muslims from practising yoga.

I opened by saying that Yoga is harmful for mental health. On a research conducted by the Cambridge University, it is proven that Yoga helps to relieve from back pain, but leads to mental illness. 80% of those practising Yoga ended up with Mental illnesses that makes an onset to dementia.

Below here is an excerpt from the article concerning it:

"A large new study done by scientists at Cambridge University prove that yoga helps lower back pain but causes mental illness.

The largest study ever done about the benefits of yoga examined over 5,800 people who did yoga regularly over a two-year period. It concluded that yoga is extremely effective at relieving lower back pain, but yoga caused mental deficiencies in 80% of those studied and some kind of mental illness in over 72% of participants.

The study, funded by the British Institute of Health in collaboration with the U.S. National Institute of Health was published on Monday."

Secondly, I talked about the issue of 'Surya Namaskar'. The word 'Surya Namaskar' literally means 'Worship of the Sun God'. Even a politician recently made a statement saying, "When the Muslims are comfortable to worship the moon, why don't they worship the sun as well?" The politician misunderstood the thing altogether. He assumed the Muslims to worship the moon, since the Muslims start the month by the birth of the moon. I quoted a verse to him from Qur'an, from Chapter no. 41, verse 37, wherein Allah says, "Do not prostrate to the Sun or the Moon. Prostrate to Allah.."

I told them that anciently the concept of Yoga was associated with the salvation and spirituality in various religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Samkhya Movement (atheism) and others. Yoga works towards connecting physical and mental state to unite with God. Hence I said that the Muslims are not comfortable with the idea of spiritual growth through Yoga.

I even quoted the rejection of Yoga by the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, who denounced the Hatha Yoga.

Yoga is one of the schools of Hinduism. It has mantras to chant, such as Aum, Hreem, Hroom etc, that are connected to the Hindu philosophies. I asked them to give the meaning of Aum and Hreem. I even told them to define and limit the scope of Yoga, since there are various level of Yogas such as Jnana Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. Even the Aghoris of Haridwar, the cannibals who eat the flesh of dead bodies perform Yoga. I asked them whether they endorse it or reject it.

The coordinator mentioned that people are these days accepting Yoga in Iraq and Pakistan, and asked why we are opposing. I said, "Who in Pakistan are accepting Yoga? Is it the liberals and Modernists or the Orthodox Muslims and scholars?" Hence the discussion was full of questions that were left unanswered.

I even quoted from the scholarly work on this subject, a book written in Arabic language: Dr. Faaris Alwaan - Al Yoga fee meezaanil Naqdil 'ilmi, which gives various reasons for Muslims to shun Yoga.

I finally concluded by saying that the schools can have stretching exercises and physical fitness program, instead of Yoga that is connected to religious philosophies.

Press Interview in Madurai, Tami Nadu

On Feb 15th, 2015, the Press in Madurai, Tami Nadu, posed many questions to me on the issue of conversions etc. I told them that we Muslims don't focus on conversions; but we focus on conveying the truth about Islam. I told them that there's no force in Islam. Islam doesn't permit us to convert people through unethical means. However, if anyone wants to become a Muslim, we would help them to learn the process of being and living their lives as Muslims.