Hindus also celebrate Eid in India.

Hindus also celebrate Eid in India. This video is taken from the SunTV program this morning. You'll find the Hindus and the Muslims preparing Biriyani - Mutton or Beef, I don't know? If you are interested ask Yogi to send his team to check the sample. By the way, the Hindus, Muslims and the Christians in India eat chicken, mutton and beef; for it's part of the Indian culture that is established since the Vedic age.

In this video, the Tamil movie actors prepare Biriyani together and eat it together. This is the India that is real. The other riots, sorry the pogroms that we hear in media are all artificially created by those with political clout to divide us and rule. Come what may, we will not budge down to the works of the psuedo-nationals In'shaa'Allah.

Share this video with all, so that people know that the Indian masses - Muslims and the Non-Muslims are people who respect each other. EID MUBAARAK.

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