Janata Dal (Secular)

Received a letter from the office of Janata Dal (Secular) Party on 30/1/15.

R. Ratan Singh
The President, Bangalore Janata Dal (Secular) Party,

Mr. Umar Shariff 3rd Block, Jayanagar,

Subject: Letter of Thanks.

In the great city of Bangalore, at the Janata Dal (Secular) party head office, on 30/1/15, Friday 11am, in our party's program "Sarvodaya Dinaacharane", you had presented "Qur'an Recitation" and talked of the message of "Ahimsa", non-violence that Gandhiji had instructed the people, and you said that through non-violence it is possible to win the people. Furthermore, you spoke about the good teachings that Prophet Muhammad preached to the people. The style with which you gave the talk was of high value. The talk brought happiness to our party members, officers and the program organisers who were present in the program.

We thank you whole heartily on behalf of the party, for having participated in the program, and to have delivered the talk.

Moreover, we also thank Mr. Syed ShafiUllaah for having accepted our request in getting us a speaker like you to participate in the program.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

R. Ratan Singh