Shaikh Abdullah Jollam Madani chosen to be the Religious Advisor for DIET.

On 3rd September 2015, a meeting was held in Masjid Abu Bakr, Bangalore, with a few scholars to seek their advice on running the Islamic organisations. In the course of the discussion we chose Shaikh Abdullah Jollam Madani to be the Religious Advisor to our organisation DIET - Discover Islam Education Trust.

InshaaAllaah my articles in the social media and on world affairs that involve political dynamics and religious verdicts will be made after getting authenticated by the panel of scholars headed by Shaikh Abdullah Jollam Madani inshaaAllah.

Shaikh Abdullah Jollam Madani is the scholar who studied in Jaamia DaarusSalaam Oomarabad. And later studied in Madina University for 13 long years. Currently he teaches students from the past 28 years in the Jaamia DaarusSalaam Oomarabad. Studied under the scholars such as Shaikh Al Albani rahimahullah, Shaikh Bin Baaz rahimahullah, Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen rahimahullah, Shaikh Umar Fallaataa and Shaikh Abdullaah Gunaimaan.

Truly we are now heading towards another milestone InshaaAllaah. The scholars' guidelines on intricate matters would yield more results to the Ummah InshaaAllaah.

The scholars and du'aath present in today's complete meeting:
Shaikh Mutee'urRahmaan Madani.
Shaikh Abdullah Jollam Madani.
Shaikh R.K. Noor Muhammad Madani.
Shaikh Noorul Hassan Madani.
Shaikh Aejaz Saqib Oomari.
Shaikh Abdul Qayyum Oomari.
Zaid Patel and Umar Shariff. Shaikh Taariq Madani payed visit for a few hours.