My Question To HD Kumaraswamy At The News18 Seminar

On the 19th February 2018, I happened to have participated at the seminar "DHIKSOOCHI - Compass", a rendezvous in Kannada, conducted by the News18 Kannada Tv Channel.

HD Kumaraswamy, the Ex-CM of Karnataka (Janata Dal Secular) was the man on the centre stage who was given the liberty to express his vision for Karnataka. Anchor Anantha Chinivar posed many questions to him with regards to the development and politics revolving around the Karnataka state. In the course of the interaction, I had the opportunity to pose a question to HD Kumaraswamy.

My Question was:
"People from the minorities of India consider JDS as a Secular party and vote to JDS due to its Secular credentials. But when the JDS forms coalition with the BJP after the elections to grab power, then the people who voted you feel like being cheated. Will you join hands with the BJP?"

Kumaraswamy's Answer was:
"The Muslim Ulamaa today in Karnataka have formed a united forum to encourage the masses to vote to Congress. I feel that the Muslims must not be concerned with what the JDS does in the political situations, since they have no interest to vote for us at the first place".

So that gives a deep insight to the current political scenario. Kumaraswamy is well informed of all that's happening in the Muslim community in Karnataka today. In the entire discussions with Kumaraswamy, he said that he will not join hands with the Congress or the BJP pre-elections. But the past evidences prove that when there's a dire need to climb to the chairs of authority, they don't mind breaking their statements n number of times. The atmosphere would and could change post-elections; and a coalition government is surely a possibility. There are enough proofs to believe that the JDS and the BJP are already in good terms to assist each other's political agenda. The anchor Anantha Chinivar made some relevant points to this effect. Btw, don't forget that the BJP came to power for the first time in the Central and State through the coalition with the JDS. Past experiences must be our guidling lines for today's times.

And it also appears that Kumaraswamy doesn't like the 'Big Boss' attitude of CM Siddaramaiah, since he seems to be hurt after Siddaramaiah jumped his party that groomed him for politics. That was quite apparent by the words that he said during the interaction there.

And one very important news for you all. Kumaraswamy recently visited Israel, the land of our current PM's best friend Netanyahu. Kumaraswamy was sharing his experiences at the seminar by making Israel as a point of reference. Moreover, our media men have seen the politicians from the BJP and the JDS break bread together. Yes, there's much of assumptions. But remember that there's no smoke without fire. Why visit Israel now of all the places in the world? What was the visit for? Whom did Kumaraswamy meet? And what was the deal? Oh my mind is posing too many questions!

Understand one very thing in politics. If by any chance the JDS forms alliance with the BJP before elections, they will not get the secular votes. But if they disclose their association after the election, then they would have secured all the secular votes to join hands with fascists. This is the Chanakya Tatwa of politics.

So, I feel that we Muslims, as the second majority population of Karnataka have become a crucial power to bring any party to power. We are a valuable commodity at the moment; more previous than gold and diamonds. JDS has no hope for our votes. The other parties that masquerade as the parties of Muslims must not divide our votes. And we must present ourselves openly to support a party; a winning party - the Congress, after officially sitting with the Congress supremo and lobbying our requests for getting favours for supporting the Karnataka Muslim community in areas of education, healthcare, jobs and so on. Let us formalise these steps for super-action as a united force that would stand strong to break the fascist forces through democratic means. And I feel the wave is already rising high in'shaa'Allah. And it will rise high above every obstacle be-iznillaah. Remember, our votes must be for the winning party that will establish power in the Karnataka State; and that would replace the fascist party in the Central.

- Umar Shariff
President, DIET

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