On 19th November 2016, Saturday night, at the DJ HALLI, Bangalore, MPJR organised an event against Drug and Alcohol Abuse. It was a RoadShow, wherein the general public benefitted out of it.

Doctor from Nimhans Hospital, Dr. Suhas talked about the de-addiction services that the hospital offers.

Shaikh Maqsood Imraan Rashadi, the scholar and Khateeb from Jamia Masjid, Bangalore spoke at length about the duties of the Muslims in eradicating all forms of intoxicants from our society.

Mr. Faiz, a human rights activist from Janasadhbhavana spoke about his personal experiences in dealing with addiction cases in the society.

The other members from MPJR, Umar Shariff, Faisal, Shaikh Ejaz Oomari, Ashraf Ali, Jameel and others spoke against the drug abuse in our society.

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