Saudi's Red Sea Project May Allow Women Wear Bikinis - So What!

I read an article that says that Saudi Arabia will soon have resorts where women can wear bikinis. And here is my comment on that article.

The article says that women can wear bikinis. But then it has not clarified if the women will appear before their husbands only or not.

Secondly, even if the women appear in front of other men in the dress that they want, then the next question would be, is that the special privilege for the non-Muslim women in certain designated places? Is that their freedom to live according to their culture?

Thirdly, even if the freedom is extended to the Muslim women, then it is the Muslim women who are accountable for their lewdness, and the king and the ones in authority for allowing such a culture. They are answerable to Allah. And if they want to do what they want to do, we still don't need to get worked up, as long as we are not forced to swim with those women in the pool. Oh my God, pls admit us soon in Jannah!!!

At the end of the day, the King and the Prince have their great deeds, and their not-so-very great deeds. If their great deeds weigh more than their shortcomings on the Meezaan, then they will Aaraamsay enter Jannah with it. And if their shortcomings weigh more, then they may have to spend sometime in Jahannam. If Allah forgives them, then they will skip the Jahannam. And if they even enter Jahannam, their final abode will be Jannah, as long as they don't commit major shirk and kufr.

So, it's time to chill. Wish there was a personalised swimming pool only for husband and wife in that Red Sea Project:) Hey, then that's halaal!!!

Stop using every issue to spread hatred against the rulers. That includes the rulers in Saudi and Qatar too

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