Shaikh Zaheeruddin Rehmani, The Old Freedom Fighter & A Renowned Scholar of Islam Passes Away On The Eve Of The Independence Day In India.

Shaikh Zaheeruddin Rehmani (may Allah's mercy be on him) passes away yesterday - 14th August 2017, on the eve of the Independence Day in India. He is getting buried today on the 15th August - Independence Day. He was over 100 years of age while breathing his last breath.

Many don't know about him. Here is a story of an interesting man who lived courageously to make his life a source of goodness to the people of India.

He was a freedom fighter who took part in the Indian Freedom Struggle against the British Raj. He was even punished and shackled by the Britishers during that period, so much so that his back was severed due to extreme pain and stress. He was also one of the highest honoured scholars of India who was termed as the Muhaddith and Shaikhul Islam by many scholars of our times. Shaikh lived in Omarabad, Tamilnadu, who used to teach the scholars and give ijazah- certification for the students on Kutubu Sittah - the Six Hadeeth Books of Ahaadeeth (the Traditions of the Prophet - peace be upon him). People from across the world used to learn under this scholar, and get benefitted out of his knowledge.

One of the rarest information that you know about him will be shared by me here In'shaa'Allah. The Shaikh was not only a freedom fighter, but was also among those scholars who chose to live in India even after the partition of India. Shaikh Zaheeruddin was the one who hoisted the Indian Flag high during the Independence Day Commemoration at the Jamia Daarus Salam, Omarabad, Tamilnadu. The Shaikh used to be the one who lived to promote peace and harmony in this land, and he is now getting buried on the very day that he used to hoist the Indian Flag since many years.

Yes, for today's youngsters it may be just another day. But for the Shaikh who fought against the British, for you and I to live with freedom, this day is a day that brings memories of their sacrifices to see smiles in the faces of the Indians today.

When I shared the news of the demise of this great scholar to the Guests of Honour Sri G.B. Athri (Retired Wing Commander, Indian Air Force) and Sri Mahendra Kumar (Ex Convenor, Bajrang Dal & RSS Activist) this morning at our school AL BASHEER, they were overwhelmed by this man's life, so much so that Sri Athri even took his name during his lecture and offered a salute to Shaikh Zaheeruddin rahimahUllah - may Allah's mercy be on him. Such is the people of substance who get honoured by those who appreciate goodness in people.

Honour the man for his knowledge. And honour the man for his service to society. May Allah forgive the shortcomings of the Shaikh, and may HE admit him in Jannatul Firdouse.

Umar Shariff
President, DIET

(Note: All information shared in this article are the outcome of discussion with the scholars who studied in Omarabad, who have spent time with Shaikh Zaheeruddin.)

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