MLA Zameer Ahmed suggested to name the Haj Bhavan as Tipu Sultan Haj Bhavan. The Right wing protogonists objected to naming the Haj Bhavan with Tipu's name. In this context, the Digvijay Kannada Tv Channel interviewed Umar Shariff to get his opinion on the same.

Anchor: Umar Shariff, what are your thoughts over naming the Hajj Bhavan as Tipu Sultan Haj Bhavan?

Umar Shariff: What's the problem in naming it as Tipu Sultan Haj Bhavan? Why should people object to it if the Muslims want to name their Institution with the name that they want? I don't insist that the name should be changed. At the same time I don't understand why people must oppose when we want to name the Haj Bhavan with any name that we want. If we like the name we will retain it. And if we don't like it, we may again change it. What authority do these right wing members have to oppose us in this?

Anchor: Umar Shariff Sir, the Hajj Bhavan is built by the government funds, don't the people have their right to question it?

Umar Shariff: Yes people may question if they want. But not oppose it. Who made the government? The people made the government. And if people want to name their Institution with whatever name that they want, then even the Government cannot impose their thoughts on us. It's a Haj Bhavan used by the Muslims. Let them name it with any name they want.

Anchor: Why do you think there's so much debate when people take the name of Tipu Sultan?

Umar Shariff: I remember reading the history of Tipu Sultan during my childhood. We even used to watch Tipu Sultan's Tv serial back then. Twenty years from now, people didn't have any problem with his name. Then how's that there's a problem now? The issue is that the RSS and the BJP are misrepresenting Tipu in a bad light. They are giving a wrong understanding about him to the people based on myths and fictitious narratives that are devoid of proofs and evidences. Even today thousands of Kannadigas are living by the Silk Industry that was initiated by Tipu Sultan. No one can deny this truth. History can never be erased.

Anchor: Umar Shariff, the people who oppose are saying that they have no problem in naming the Haj Bhavan with Abdul Kalam or Sant Sisunada's name. Their contention is with naming it with the name of Tipu. What do you have to say?

Umar Shariff: Let me ask them a question. If in our home a baby is born, and if we name the baby as Tipu Sultan, do we have to seek the permission of any party or organisation to get an approval? Can anyone dictate us to name the child as Sant Sisunada or Abdul Kalam? Similarly the Haj Bhavan is the place under the care and use of the Muslims. People outside the Haj Bhavan must not have any problem with whatever name that the Haj Bhavan authorities choose.

Anchor: Final question. What do you think of the impact of the name change? Will there be any use in it?

Umar Shariff: I have no problem if the name remains as it is, or if the name is changed to anything. I'm a neutral person here. In my opinion, people should not have any problem with any name that is used for the Haj Bhavan.