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UMMEED Program was able to touch the life of a crippled old man, who lives in the rural Bangalore.

The man by name Munsinappa was taken by the UMMEED Volunteer to the Tahsildar office at the Anekal Taluk to get his monthly ration provided by the government. He was later provided some basic necessities for walking and using a decent toilet. The man is now feeling better than before, and is complaining and grateful at the same time. I guess that's how his mindset is at the moment - one that is partly satisfied and partly dissatisfied.

We need volunteers now who can take up responsibilities in doing social work that will elevate the quality of standard of living of the common man. Remember, every drop makes an ocean. You can be that drop in the ocean. If interested to provide your services, please register your name with 9845041234.

Let's transcend beyond all differences and help humanity breathe in our nation. Thanks. May God bless you.

- Umar Shariff
President, DIET

UMMEED Program
Managed by DIET

Assalamualaikum dear UMMEED Patrons.
BaarakAllaahu feekum. May Allah reward you immensely for your contribution towards the UMEED - RTPC.

Alhamdulillah we've been able to do some social work through the UMMEED. After some learnings through the experience since the past few months, here are some changes we'll be making soon.

1. We will be directly going into Muslim mohallas (localities) and holding camps soon in'shaa'Allah to give training and counselling sessions.

2. The rented house kept earlier for housing people will be closed since the training procedures now will be differently operated. The trainees don't want to stay in the centre. And they prefer living in their homes.

3. Free food distribution program will be started soon in'shaa'Allah, along with distribution of clothes and toys too in'shaa'Allah.

4. We will in'shaa'Allah train the UMMEED Cadres in painting, plumbing and cleaning procedures, and transform the image of the Muslim ghettos through their services. The Cadres will be given salaries that will take care of their livelihood in'shaa'Allah.

There have been many challenges and limitations that we learnt over a period of time. However, we are holding to this work with a responsibility to discover the better opportunities soon in the coming days in'shaa'Allah.

Your dua's are valuable for the success of this project.

Thank you. JazaakAllaahu Khairan.

Umar Shariff
Director, UMMEED

Success stories of UMMEED - Rehabilitation, Training & Placement Centre here:
Last month a total of 8 members accommodated.

A family of 4 members - husband and wife with 2 children who were found begging on streets were provided immediate help with accommodation at UMMEED Centre, and also given medical help to one of their ailing children.

A youth from Hutti was accommodated, and has now found a cashier job in a hotel in Bangalore.

3 youths who are accommodated are undergoing car driving Training now.

Other General Training:

Discipline through Civic sense - trained by a Scout Trainer.

Tarbiyya and Moral Science - by an Islamic Scholar.
2 Admins and 2 Members for Cooking and Maintenance are working full time in this project.

Food, accommodation with clean toilets are all given for free along with the training and placement for the poor and the needy people from all faiths in'shaa'Allah.

We currently need Patrons, Trainers, Volunteers & Admissions Facilitators.

Those interested to donate food materials in kind, donate now.

Monthly requirement of food ration and materials for this month:
Other cooking materials whatever you want to give, please donate now.

Call on 9845041234 / 9620020189
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Rehabilitation, Training & Placement Centre

Story of Nazim & Reshma

About a week ago, while I was moving in my car near Bannerghatta Road, a lady with her husband and children waved her hand to request me to drop her at the main road bus-stand that was about 5 kms away. Since I was going by the same route, I stopped the car and asked them to get into my car. As I was driving, I asked them who they were in the Kannada language. Then the lady said in Urdu that "Hum bhi musalmaan hai" - meaning "we are also Muslims". The lady and her family members looked very weak and shabby. They were not carrying any sign of being Muslims; not burkha or skull cap or beard. As I enquired about them, she introduced herself as Reshma and started to say that her family was going through some financial crisis. Her husband Nazim lost his job. He was into applying grease to the rolling shutters, and has no job these days. Their children were not keeping well. Poverty was so miserable that they had to leave one of their boys at their relative's home. They even started to beg for money. Starving without good food and basic needs, they were literally on the road.

Alhamdulillah this time we are equipped to help them. A holistic approach to help in'shaa'Allah. We have provided them immediate stay at the UMMEED - RTPC, Sakalvara, Bangalore. Food is provided on time thrice a day, with tea and snacks. An Islamic scholar spends time with them to teach them Islamic etiquettes and the Qur'an. Work discipline is taught by Captain Abdul Qadir, a trainer from AL BASHEER International School. Medical treatment is given to their children. Clean bathrooms and rooms with electricity and basic amenities provided. Training is soon to start for Nazim in a construction company to teach him wall painting, and soon to give him permanent job in'shaa'Allah. Looking now for ways to find factory job-works for Reshma, while she is able to work from the stay home itself in'shaa'Allah. All by the grace of Allah. Admin team is monitoring their progress through observation process chart, and is maintaining the entire history of the case through legal documentation and records.

Now this is the news for you to know that the team at UMMEED - RTPC is now showing results bi-iznillaah. And we can do better with your support in'shaa'Allah.

We need:
Patrons &
Jobs & Job works

If one of you can spend sometime with our candidates to teach them some work skills, that will be a great help. Even if you can spend one day in a week, that will be great. We need men and women Trainers.

We need members who can donate funds or give essential things in kind. If one of you can buy daily provisions such as rice, wheat, oil, dhal, spices etc and send it to our office or call us to pick them from you, that will be of a great help in'shaa'Allah. We now have about 12 members at UMMEED - RTPC who have food thrice daily. Members include the trainees and the working members. And your contribution will make a huge difference in'shaa'Allah. Even if you can donate a kilogram of sugar, that will be a great thing in the sight of Allah.

Jobs & Job Works If you have jobs to offer, or any semi finished products that needs to be worked on while they are sent to the stay home, then that would be of a great help for the women to earn a living while they attend to their children.

Let's have a win-win situation. They need your support to help them stand on their feet to earn for their livelihood; not to let them live as beggars who are always dependent on alms. We can make a difference only through structured endeavour that is worked with professionalism and dedication. in'shaa'Allah our mission can be a great success with the help of Allah, Who has given us many helping hands amongst you. May Allah reward you all.

There's so much we can do together. Don't wait for anything any further. Just call or SMS or WhatsApp us and say how you can work for our mission in empowering the ignored sections of our community.

Ph: 9986169022 / 9620020189

May Allah reward you all immensely.

- Umar Shariff
President, DIET

Managed by DIET

(Note: 80G Certified Institution)