Why Islam?
Why Islam?

In dispelling the slanderous myths spread by a section of communalized, biased Indian Media against Dr. Zakir Naik, and unjustified arrest of Br. Rizwan and Br. Arshi Qureshi who are known to be innocent, a Panel Discussion anchored by Br. Umar Shariff with revert brothers and sisters in Islam as panelists was organized at BIFT Hall, Bangalore, on Saturday 30th of July, 2016, by DIET in association with MPJR, AIDCA, KDCA, GFM, HUDA, KMMT and Amity.

The purpose was to make the Indian masses know the truth of the matter. When Br. Umar Shariff questioned the panelists if money or coercion was covertly employed in their acceptance of Islam, they eagerly witnessed to the audience that it was through sole intellect and willingness they had accepted. One of the brothers went on to say that even the Zakaat money that Islam entitled them to be given post acceptance to Islam didn't reach them.

They also said that Dr. Zakir Naik was one who promoted peace through quoting from different religious scriptures, and it was false to accuse him of perpetrating terrorism.

The panelists shared experience of their journey towards Islam. It was seen that, to some the Equality that Islam preached was the reason, to some the truth, sensibility to human intelligence, its purposefulness, chastity that appealed them to believe in Islam and become Muslims. Br. Umar Shariff pointed out that the Noble Qur’an exhorts us all to only invite humanity towards Islam with the desire to increase the number of dwellers in Paradise, and not merely to increase the number of Muslims on earth. The panel hence in no uncertain terms evidenced to rubbish all the falsehood slandered by a section of the media today.

Alhamdulillah, the event has reached to around 5 lakh people in the social media, and was viewed live by around 3000 people on Facebook live.

Why Islam?

Its time to know the truth.....

The Reverts to Islam have addressed the Intellectuals of the City, shared the experience of their journey to Islam. The things that attracted them...

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