Hardcore Men Are Sometimes Among The Handicap Men

You might have heard of bodybuilders working in the gyms or athletes running on tracks to be doing some hardcore exercises to build their muscles and stamina. Ofcourse they are hardcore men. No doubt about it. But have you seen any handicap lying on bed for about 40 years, and still being a hardcore business man?

Yesterday I had a Zoom Meet with a businessman who works from home through his gadgets and internet connection. As a young boy, he became a handicap who couldn’t even get up from his bed. He is now a graduate who went to special schools and strived to achieve his convocation certificates and progress reports. Mr. Prabu Ram is a focused entrepreneur who is striving for his livelihood with determination and self confidence. And for us, what can we take from the story of an entrepreneur who is bedridden since age 4?

The lesson is: Stop complaining. Stop grieving. Stop blaming. Stop sulking. Just pray to God for strength and get on to work. Meet people, talk to them, keep it a win win situation at work place, and move on to discover new opportunities and learnings everyday.

It is not the present condition that is making one sick. It is the sick mind that is not preparing to change the condition. It’s just the state of mind. Got to keep a cool head. May Allah grant us the right state of thought and conduct. Aameen.

Umar Shariff
President, DIET

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