A Meet With Sri Siddaramiah Ji, Ex-CM of Karnataka-26-01-2023

Yesterday I happened to meet the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri Siddaramiah Ji. It was a pleasant meet at his residence. I’m not a person who subscribes to any political party or movement. But I endorse their good works, and criticize their shortcomings. With this as my standard, I’m free to meet all and greet all with openness. In that sense I’m a well wisher to all. And enemy to none. Is that possible? Why not! Being with people and sharing positivity is a great feeling. Hence you will find me sitting with the Congress, BJP, JDS, SDPI, CPI, IUML & all leaders of various political parties. And our interactions have always been pleasant. May Allah make us amongst the peacemakers in the world.

With me is Br. Nawaz, the VP of Maanava Rakshanaa Samithi.

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