Alerting the youths who get out of focus in the Israel Palestine conflict

Israel Palestine conflict is not an issue that can be dealt with common man. It is also not in the hands of scholars and rich men to make a conclusive difference. It is a matter that involves high voltage in the geopolitics. It is for the leaders of the nations to solve the issue. The leaders have authority. And they are the decision makers. Not anyone other than them.

But for now, since Israel is traditionally backed by the U.S, and that U.S has its allies, no Muslim leader would want to become another Saddam Hussein to put himself and his countrymen in danger. Remember Saddam who fought 20 odd allies of the U.S in the first Gulf war, and then fought the other big allies of the U.S in the second Gulf war. And he had to lose his family, people and the country. Look at what Iraq is today. Hence the leaders cannot single handedly fight the allied forces.

For now, if the GCC or the OIC come together to wage war, then that would attract a world war. Is the world ready for it? Or is it worth the battle to lose a couple of millions to the war? On a hindsight, people would wish they hadn’t fought the war.

So what’s the solution for now? Cease fire. The people of Palestine must stay in places where they are much secure, while those who want to migrate to safer lands within Palestine must move there, or move to other Arab or any land to live a life with dignity. This is Hijrah – Migration, a sunnah of the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam). If one has the ability to fight the oppressors, well that is appreciated. But when one is not prepared to face a strong enemy, then retreat.

Let there be International pressure against the Israel and its allies. It is not Israel alone. It is its allies. List out the allies and evaluate their past history. You’ll understand what I’m saying. U.S, Britain and France are at the top of the list. Treat them as you treat Israel.

People who claim Khilaafa to be the solution are not understanding that no Muslim would deny the office of Khilaafa – a single leadership that governs the entire Muslim population’s interest under its care, while adhering to the Divine law legislated by God. But for that the Khilaafa must hold authority on land to serve justice to humanity; not just to the Muslims. Since the Khilaafa is not there at the moment, the next available alternative is to have unity among the nation states. In the pursuit of a greater good, one must not forsake the available good. A nation without its leader and political system is like a farmland without fences. Wolves jump in from all corners. So value your nations and your nation’s interest. Even if Palestine would get freedom from Israel, it is aiming for a nation state. It is not going to join the office of Khilaafa now. For Khilaafa for the entire Muslim world doesn’t exist now. That office would get initiated by the superpower of its time that will show up on its own. It will not be highlighted. It will shine on its own light. The light of power and justice. There have been many parodys who claim to be Caliphs in this millennium. And they have misled a lot of people, and have spread much of corruption on earth. Please don’t subscribe to such duplicate products in the market.

For the youths who want to do something for the ummah, work locally and think globally. Make a positive difference to the people around you. Social service is a duty upon you. Help people with finding jobs, education, medical help or even be part of your country’s military or bureaucracy. That will allow you to empower yourself and your land.

For people like me living in India or China as minorities, we have our job to allow people know what Islam is all about. We are minorities where the law of the land has few ideologies that are deviating from the Divine law. We must engage in discussing the political solutions that Islam offers to the people of our nation, so that they would adopt its values. Work more to empower the poor and the downtrodden. And help the oppressed. In’shaa’Allah you will be seen as their leader. For only a true leader can work for people’s interest. And when this is achieved, you’ll find people following your thoughts and ideology without any inhibition. Hence for us, da’wah – propagation is an immediate responsibility. And we must hold on to the mainstream Ulamaa – scholars of our land. We must not become the lost sheep in the flock, to become a prey for the fox.

Youths, don’t indulge in any activity without the guidance of the leaders and Ulamaa of your locality. Seek their help, and work to help them. Gain knowledge. Work for your livelihood. And engage in your local politics. And let the growth be organic. The success is ours. In’shaa’Allah.

Not to forget one very last point. Pray regularly. Don’t miss your obligations. Stay away from all kinds of forbidden things – in public and in secret. The quality of your worship will result in the honour that is bestowed in this world and the hereafter.

– Umar Shariff (President, DIET)

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