Aryan Khan Arrested. Hope It Turns-out For His Good.


The famous bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is arrested in connection with 13 grams of cocaine and other substances that are banned. The NCB – Narcotics Crime Bureau initially had summoned him for interrogation, and later have arrested him. Reports say that all of these things were connected with the rave party that he attended recently. Now, if he is found guilty, what is to be done next?

Many actors and the members in the world of movies, modeling and music have got into jail for using drugs and substance abuse in the past. And many have reformed after being punished under law. Sanjay Dutt and Fardeen Khan too. And they were too sons of leading movie stars. It appears that Aryan Khan will have to go through the same process. Let him get his time to undergo certain realizations and reflections over life. And jail is a great university to teach that. Indeed jail is a smaller version of graveyard. One is compelled and restricted from the world of freedom. Under the custody of the jailors, one will have to just do the things that are limited and monitored. This life that is away from family, friends and the world of desires, will give a major training to an inquiring mind.

Let the people of law do their job. And let the violators of law be addressed accordingly. And may this learning curve make Aryan a better person. And may this event make even his parents reflect deeply over life. It’s time for introspection and contemplation. Time to detach away from the world of misgivings, and to connect with The Creator of all things – the world and the desires. Truly, God is The Most Merciful, and The Most Forgiving. Solace is found in returning back to him with total submission. May Allah make Shahrukh Khan and his family find their path to that which pleases Him. And in that path is serenity for every soul.

Another tangent here:
Alcohol and drugs are forbidden in Islam. Even buying, selling, transporting, labeling, serving and other processes in between are all haraam – forbidden in Islam. Partying and dancing with non-mahrams, wearing obscene clothes in public, and adopting the lifestyle of the disbelievers is all haraam in Islam. It appears clearly that the haraam ways of life are not consistent with the aims and objectives of the Indian constitution and IPC – Indian Penal Code even. So it is about time for mankind to benefit from the teachings of Islam. May Allah guide us all to the straight path.

Umar Shariff
President, Discover Islam Education Trust

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