Brotherhood & Solidarity With The Tableegh Jamaath

In the context of the Saudi Government banning the Tableegh Jamaath from preaching there in their lands, here are some thoughts to be shared.

What the Saudi government wants to do with Tableegh Jamaath is a matter left to their decisions. As far as we Indian Muslims are concerned, Tableegh Jamaath is part of Indian Muslims’ heritage, that has greatly contributed to the Indian Muslim culture. Hence we Muslims from the Sunni school of thought are supposed to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers in faith. We are united in our mission to live with brotherhood and dignity, and will have to face our challenges together, against our antagonists in the Indian subcontinent. Our aspirations are same. And our struggles are the same. And we will have to jump the obstacles together, in order to make our community stronger in terms of social, political and economic front. We know our sectarian differences with regards to the methodology and the rulings we have in the matters of our religion. Yet we are matured enough to live with brotherhood. Every faction amongst the Muslim organizations have their level of misguided ones. We will not generalise the organisations, based on the mistakes and shortcomings of a few.

Let me bring out how unity helps the Indian Muslims. When CAA was passed in the Indian Parliament, even the Saudi government did not stage a protest against Indian government’s decision, nor did it make any deliberation to hold discussions with the Indian government on that. But the Indian Muslims, irrespective of their sectarian affiliations and organisational interests, joined hands together to face the challenges together. They held various protests and dialogues to express their displeasure over it. And the outcome of such a reaction has helped the Muslims to air their thoughts across the world. This is just an example to show how unity is indispensable. So let’s leave each country’s statesmen to do what works for them. And let us do what works for us in’shaa’Allah. Survival is our concern now. Let’s unite under the common minimum program, and play our game wisely, since we cannot expect any foreigner to play our game.

This post should not to be understood that we accept with the methodology and the operational style of the Tableegh Jamaath. Nor does it mean that we oppose the ruling Saudi government. None of us are perfect. Hence no government or organisation is perfect. We all have our pitfalls and shortcomings. But those differences must not stop us from helping one another in the matters of piety and God consciousness. On a level of maintaining the rights of a Muslim to another Muslim, we are bound by Islam to have good relations with the Saudi regime and the Tableegh Jamaath.

Muhammad Akbar Shariff,
AKA Umar Shariff.
(President, Discover Islam Education Trust, Bangalore)

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