Can Charlie get bolder?

Emperor Ashoka is highly revered in India, so much so that our national emblem has the symbol of Ashoka’s Dharma Chakra (wheel), and the Indian currency has the Ashoka’s symbol of 4 lions capital at Sarnath.

But, if Charlie Hebdo wants to exercise the freedom to slander Ashoka, by carrying mocking cartoon caricature of the killings in Kalinga, wherein he killed 1,00,000 people, and deported 1,50,000 people, then the Indian Government will bulldoze France within no time. Remember, mentioning history is different from mocking a personality.

Ashoka also married 4 women in his lifetime; namely Devi, Karuvaki, Padmavathi and Tisyaraksha. If Charlie Hebdo shows the cartoon caricature of Ashoka’s wives in an obscene manner, then the Buddhists and the Indian Government would wipe out Charlie Hebdo from the world map itself.

The same would be true if Charlie Hebdo mocks at the founding fathers of the american nation such as Benjamin Franklin & George Washington; or the father of the Republic China, Sun Yat-Sen who is referred as the “Father of the Country”; or the Pope of the Vatican; or the people like Nelson Mandela or Mother Therasa. If Charlie gets bolder, then the Americans, the Chinese, the Catholics and the Blacks will all join together to bury Charlie Hebdo in its own land.

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