Chennai’s Unity Public School sees the progress in Hifz Department

This Thursday, April 2nd, 2015, I witnessed the school boys of ‘Unity Public School, Chennai’, who happened to memorize the entire Qur’an during the special classes of the school.

Children recited the verses in various known styles of the famous reciters. I must say that this school has standards that is excelled by the meticulous efforts made by the Chairman Ahmed Meeran, his wife, Principal Humayun Kabeer, Ulamaa Shaikh Shameem, Shaikh Tameem Ansar and others.

The school is operating in 1 acre of land with more than 2000 children are studying under the CBSE syllabus, integrating Islamic education with the worldly education. Indeed it is surely an excellent school to visit.

I happened to deliver talk there emphasising the parents to accept their children for what they are, and not demotivate or humiliate them with their words or actions.

May Allah bless the Ummah with more such schools.

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