Clear Double Standards Of Some Indian Muslims In The Case Of Deepika’s Role In Pathaan

Are the Indian Muslims selectively sensitized towards their religion? I see them coming out on the streets to protest for their women’s right to wear Hijaab in the government schools and colleges, and on the other hand they support Deepika wearing flimsiest dresses in the upcoming movie with Shahrukh Khan – Pathaan. Why are they having such a mishmash in their psyche?

It appears to me that they simply want to oppose the right wing Hindutva brigade in every issue, instead of standing by what their religion commands them to. This is actually a serious matter. When Deepika was honoured to handover the trophy during the FIFA 2022, I found them terming it a Burnol moment for the RSS and the Hindutva brigade. I mean, their focus is mainly to irritate their counterparts, while little they are worried about the anger of God. Would God be happy with our promotions of the actors who sell soft-porn through movies! When the Muslims don’t even legitimize women wearing strong perfumes in public places, by terming those who wear them as “prostitutes”, what’s the big idea behind glorifying the ones showing themselves semi-nude on the silver screen! They are glorifying Shahrukh Khan and Deepika, only to infuriate the right wing counterparts who were unreasonably worried about the actress wearing a saffron swimsuit, while the song Besharam Rang (Shameless colour) is being played at the background. Both the groups have lost their mind. The protest must have been a collective one to disapprove all these dirty movies aired in mainstream platforms.

These movies must be certified as A certified movies, which must be treated as contents suitable for Adults viewership only. The actors must be treated as pornstars. And their audience must be segregated from the mainstream audience of children and families of traditional Indian and religious values.

I call people to raise their voices against such movies that commodify women. These movies arouse the youths and old men towards debauchery and misogyny. I wonder what the feminists and women’s rights organisations do during these times. I don’t blame only SRK for such a movie. All his crew and the fraternity in Bollywood are equally responsible. Without mincing my words I say: Certify the movie as a Adult Certified movie. Let those who want to watch the movie know that they have to be shameful to watch it in public along with their families. And the videos and promos must not appear in public domain where children and decent families want to watch contents that are free from dirty acts.

This is for those confused Indian Muslims: How is that you want to show your women in burkhas in public, and wish to see other women semi-naked at the same time! All the children of Adam (alaihisalam) needs to live with modesty and dignity. Don’t glorify the acts that call for such lewdness. And to Qatar government: Next time invite someone for their contribution to science, education and politics to inaugurate or present trophies. The Arab world is also mixing up all affairs without taking a clear stand. Stop glorifying those who are lost in the world of confusion. Thanks.

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