Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana at the Al Asr International Islamic Convention, 2015.

Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. Mohammed Mehmood Ali and AIMIM MLA of Hyderabad, Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Balala, at the Al Asr International Islamic Convention, 2015.

Both the politicians spoke well and cheered up the audience by encouraging such events. The public started to pledge to donate funds for this event. Women started donating their gold ornaments, while the men were shelling out Lakhs of rupees for the cause.

Wonderful job by the entire crew and the guest speakers. Well designed event with professionalism and quality being the middle name of the event. Br. Ather Khan, Br. Wasi and others were the ones who delivered a fantastic event this year Bi-iznIllaah. May Allah reward all the members who participated and contributed towards the event.

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