Don’t Ask Why. It Is Decided By The Most High

In this world of eventful happenings, sometimes we may be wonderstruck by the things that are recorded in the books of history. You might be sometimes surprised, and sometimes shocked to know somethings that may puzzle you. And if one tries to know the reason behind those fateful events, we might learn lessons; or sometimes get close to know the reasons. Many a times we may not understand the great wisdom behind all of those things. At that point we conclude that the matters were decreed by God Almighty, The Most High. And we all will be judged according to our intentions, knowledge and actions. So we leave the matters to Allah. In that decison, the hearts find rest.

Know that we have our free-will to exercise and to make the choices that we have power over. But then those choices are there for us, only after they are given to us by God. So man is the maker of his destiny, by the permission of God. For God decrees those destinies, and we choose our destiny from those options given to us. Hence the matter of destiny has to be understood in the right manner, so that we humble before The Lord of the universe. He is The King of the dominions of the world, and we are His slaves who need His grace.

At all times of life instances we must hence say Alhamdulillah – All praises and thanks be to Allah; for He has given us the intellect to reflect over His control over us. And to realise this is in itself a great ni’mah – blessing from Him. When we humble ourselves before Him, we display our natural state of surrendering our will to His will. What more do we need other than this blessing! For only the ones who submit to His will, will enter paradise by the mercy of God.

Pray to your God. He alone can hear to us all the time. And He alone has the power over all things. And in realizing this truth, is the solace to the anxious souls. May God guide us all to the path to Jannatul Firdouse – paradise of highest status. Aameen.

Umar Shariff
President, Discover Islam Education Trust

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