Don’t Run After Those 6 Packs

For those who are striving hard for those 6 packs, here’s some bad news for you.

Please eat well, walk well, work well, play well, and hit the gyms to maintain good physique and figure. But do not under eat to see those lines between the muscles; for the fat in the body is necessary to maintain good health. Anything lesser than 10% of body fat is not good for one’s health. The professional body builders who pose for competitions maintain 5 to 10% body fat to get those 6 packs and definitions. But the risks of life threatening diseases and disorders are alarming.

Here below are some of the dangers of low fat content in the adults:

What Are the Diseases Caused Due to Fat Deficiency?
Heart diseases.
Colon cancer.
Vitamin deficiency diseases.
Weaker immune system.
Hormonal imbalance.
Essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency diseases.

One can look smart, cute & awesome with good mass and enough muscles, with good amount of fat that doesn’t show the 6 packs. Models that pose before the fashion shows are paid to look starved, to sell the products manufactured by the MNCs. If only the models are healthy and built with enough fat, then the definition of good looks will get re-interpreted. And you can reinterpret that through confidence; the confidence in the convictions of truth, God-willing.

So forsake the bandwagon and choose healthy life. Life is more precious than the vogue set for mere amusement that is only superficial to draw attention.

– Writer,
Umar Shariff
(President, DIET)

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