Earthquake Why?

I heard a Muslim man giving a talk about the earthquake in Turkey, and blaming the people of Turkey and Syria for their sins for their destruction. And he happened to be an Indian or a Pakistani. I can say that by his complexion and language he spoke – Urdu. I want to tell these people something that will help them in future. Please do not think that calamities happen only to punish the sinners. Calamities also happen to test the believers and to elevate their status in the hereafter. The believers who die in these calamities with patience die as martyrs. As the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said that a person who dies due to the wall falling on him will die a martyr in’shaa’Allah. Make dua’ for them at these occasions. And look into your own sins. Feel happy that we are not punished severely for our sins. Are Indians and Pakistani Muslims lesser than the Turkish and Syrian Muslims in committing sins? Please do not be insensitive during these times. Allah allows these things to happen as a source of ‘ibrath – lesson for all of us. And there are signs in all of these things. Many children too were in the rubble. And they need first aid, treatment and humanitarian help. Talk about these things. Try to make some positive change around. Yes Allah’s punishment will surely come in the form of natural disasters too. And his punishments come in many forms. Sectarian fights amongst you is also a punishment. But many do not realise that. May Allah heal those who have lost their near and dear ones in the earthquake. Indeed, He has power over all things. And the believers who are tested in these occasions say out of faith: Allahu Akbar – Allah is the Greatest. Let’s humble ourselves. Reform ourselves. And live like the true servants of God. Aameen. Writer: Umar Shariff President, DIET

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