Feroze Bhai Of Madurai Passes Away

Feroze bhai of Madurai passed away today. Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji’oon. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdouse. May Allah accept him as a shaheed.

Feroze bhai was an IT guy, who even was instrumental in starting an Islamic school in Rajapalayam, Tamilnadu. He was associated with many organizations to support them. Very religious and kind hearted man. His son was a student in Al Basheer International School.

Feroze bhai was fighting cancer for over a year now. I still remember the last few talks that I had with him. He was speaking words of Eemaan – Faith and God’s destiny. I pray that he is amongst the Shuhadaa’.

I request all of you to remember him in your duas now. May Allah grant Sabr- patience to his family members.

Young and productive guy. I even was working on few projects with him while he was in Bangalore. We tried exploring couple of business opportunities. And when lockdown was imposed last year, we had to put a halt on them.

I love him for the sake of Allah. May we all meet our cherished ones in Jannatul Fordouse. Aameen.


-Umar Shariff (President, Discover Islam Education Trust)

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