Gym And Knitting Has Nothing To Do With Masculinity Or Feminity

A Muslim scholar posted his video of he knitting something to teach his children, and there was a roaring cry against him, while some said these are acts that are feminine in nature, and that in today’s context such videos may be made to look in favour of subtly condoning the LGBT culture. Wow, what a supersonic thinking! And now the same scholar posted a fresh video of he being in a gym and doing some sort of a rowing exercise. Did the debate end for good? Not yet from my side.

Which books of science or human behaviour says that the gyms and martial arts are signs of masculinity? Women spend time in gyms, martial arts, swimming classes and in almost all the sport that men take part in. And for the kind information, the gays and lesbians hit the gyms too. In fact many of the gays also look like the hollywood gays George Michael and Sir Elton John, who maintain their looks like complete men and yet have a deviance in their sexlife. The same case with the women lesbians like Jodie Foster and Kristen Steward. They look completely women. One cannot identify their sexual inclinations by their outward appearances. And most of these men and women are fitness freaks even. They hit the gyms too. So what’s the point are we trying to make?

It looks like some are overtook by LGBTphobia in their life. Their indulgence in over-reading the LGBT news has probably made them take a defensive stand against that culture. In the place that I live in, that is India, the LGBT culture is rebuked by almost all religious and ethnic communities. The only community that wants to openly empower the LGBT community is the ultra secular fundamentalists who have no sense of religious adherence. Hence the menace of the LGBT thing is almost unheard in our daily life.

In Islam, Muslims are encouraged to do good physical activities like the swimming, archery, horseback riding and wrestling to keep oneself fit and healthy, and to be equipped to defend oneself from the enemy attacks. But no where does it say that these acts are the acts of masculinity or feminity. Nor does any science literature term that way. Both men and women are encouraged to keep their health and fitness in good condition. Why am I talking about this? To educate the masses, so that they don’t wrongly assume things. Wrong assumptions will lead to wrong outcomes. There are homosexuals amongst the bodybuilders, and there are heterosexuals amongst the crocheters. In fact I know a crocheter who is married to two women. And his profession has nothing to do with his sexual inclinations. Hence I find such discussions a little childish and meaningless; a laughing matter for people who are less emotional and more academical.

By the way, I don’t support the LGBT community; for it is haraam – forbidden in Islam to allow homosexuality in the society. Like I said in the earlier post, the eunuchs who are born with certain mixed human features are accommodated within the Islamic society, with the rights that are conferred upon them. They are called the Mukhannas; and they are even allowed in masjids to pray.

So the takeaway message from this post is that, gym and crocheting has nothing to do with one’s sexual traits. Men and women must not imitate each other in dressing, walking, talking or in making gestures. But in matters of professions and lifestyle, both share equal platforms in almost all walks of life. Thanks.

-Umar Shariff (President, Discover Islam Education Trust)

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