Help A 3rd Stage Cancer Patient Financially | Case 155

She called me yesterday after so many years… but she is broken and shattered.
I received a call yesterday from a sister who had participated in a TV debate with me few years ago. She was fluent in Kannada, and was talking for the rights of the women and so on. Yesterday when she called, she said that she is in 3rd stage cancer, and that her son’s bank balance doesn’t make up the amount required to start the Chemotherapy treatment for the cancer. She cried about her situation; pleading for help and dua’. I don’t know what the expenses is. Im waiting for her message.
We must help this Sister with proper guidance to the treatment, financial help and dua’ – supplication in’shaa’Allah.
For those who want to help her, whatsapp 9886994012 and collect all the information to reach her in’shaa’Allah. May Allah bless you all and your families. Aameen.
Case: 155
Name: Nagma

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