Knowledge Is All Around. Sincerity Has Become Rare

Wow, it’s a new world around us, in terms of the exposure that we have towards knowledge of all kinds. The technological empowerment in the hands of common man is like never before in the history of mankind. Every man with a mobile phone has cameras to click, GPS to travel, Google pay to transact with money, apps to book his tickets, and to download ebooks to learn religion, politics, science and what not! The information to every other nuance within every major and minor subject is just around the touch screen. I believe man is now richer with knowledge that is oozing from every virtual platform. And that’s an undeniable thing.

However, I miss those days of sincerity. There was a time in life when we used to travel hours together to meet some subject expert, to get some details of a matter of contention, in order to understand something in the right perspective. There were few to interact with. The communication was very limited. And we were unseen by most of the world, while we were conscious of being seen by Allah, the One Who is with us all the time; by His knowledge. Those were the days of sincerity. There was no scope to be seen by people. And there was no chance to be seen by a fan base. And those were the days of consciousness.

In today’s world of hyper communicative streaming across the east and the west directions of the world, we are truly blessed with knowledge and the details of agreements and disagreements between the people of knowledge and the students of knowledge. But then the lifestyles and purposes of gaining knowledge has taken another form altogether. Today it is to show that “I’ve got what you haven’t got”. In those days it was “I need something to make my life better”. Those were the days of needs. And today it is the days of greeds. And hence the light of sincerity has been setting for a long time now.

Can we get back those days of sincerity? Can that be achieved without humility? Can we become those men of need? Is there a scope for rewinding the life once again? Hmm… I just don’t think of getting back there. Those were the beautiful memories to carry forward. I feel we are blessed with amazing things around us today. The tools to knowledge and the knowledge itself has empowered us. ALHAMDULILLAH – All praises and thanks be to Allah. We must just remember Allah while we gain and impart knowledge in today’s times. And that will let the hearts get filled with sincerity once again. The source of all knowledge is Allah. Hence read in His name, and teach in His name. Humble yourself. And increase sincerity – Ikhlaas. May Allah bless you all.

Tips for now: On your phones by saying Bismillah – In the name of Allah. And turn it off by saying ALHAMDULILLAH – All praises and thanks be to Allah. And keep magnifying Allah while you read every new thing by saying Allaahu Akbar – Allah is the Greatest. And say AstagfirUllah – I seek Allah’s forgiveness, while you unintentionally learnt something that is not beneficial. Keep your hearts and tongues remember Allah every second to boost the level of sincerity to another level In’shaa’Allaah. It is when dhikr – remembrance of Allah, and wasaail – medium of communication and transaction meet together, sincerity will spurt out once again along with its fruits In’shaa’Allaah. BaarakAllaahu Feekum – May Allah bless you all.

Umar Shariff
President, Discover Islam Education Trust

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