Let’s Build A Jumuah Masjid at Gurgaon, To Skip Out Of Unwanted Controversy

Since a few months, we’ve been noticing the issue of friday prayers offered in public place in the Gurgaon being opposed by the members of certain Hindu groups there. Is this an issue of civic sense or of religious freedom? When evaluated the intentions and purposes of each group, we are given to understand that the Muslims living there in that particular area claim to not having a masjid there, and hence they are forced to pray in the open ground. And the members of certain Hindu groups who oppose the idea of praying there say that they can’t tolerate such activities on the open ground.

Fine. Let’s come out with solutions. We are not here to just say who is right or who is wrong. But we are driven with a purpose to establish peace in that area. While keeping this as our aim, we from “Discover Islam Education Trust” are willing to raise funds to build a big Jumuah Masjid in that locality, provided we get the support of the members from Gurgaon.

Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: Whoever builds a masjid for the worship of Allah, then Allah will build a home for him in Jannah (paradise).

We Muslims are over 20 crore in India. If we come together to build masjids in Gurgaon, we can build 1000 masjids in a year. But then, we just need to build one good masjid to solve the problem in Gurgaon.

Those interested to support this cause may email us on [email protected] or whatsapp or sms on +91 9886994012.

Let’s do things in a legal and amicable manner. For Islam loves to establish peace in the society. Thank you.

Muhammad Akbar Shariff alias Umar Shariff
President, Discover Islam Education Trust, Bangalore


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