Mufti Menk Was Seen Knitting… So What!

A video was posted by Mufti Menk, of he knitting something like a sweater or a scarf. Some were congratulating at his work, while others criticized him for doing some sort of a feminine work. So what’s my take on that?


My response: Just smile and move on. We don’t have to take every video seriously. There are some educational videos, some are inspirational, some are entertaining, and some are just for kicks. When I say just for kicks, it means ‘just like that’; without any purpose attached to it. It’s like singing a song to yourself in the bathroom; without any reason attached to it.


I see people trying to derive knowledge from every action of Ulamaa and duaath – scholars and callers. My dear brothers and sisters, you’ve the seerah – biography of RasoolUllah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). And his life and mannerisms are sufficient for us. All the others are not to be imitated, although their virtues may benefit us and motivate us. Hence I encourage all to take it easy with what people do in their lives.


So Mufti Menk’s status didn’t increase or decrease by posting that video in public. He is just doing something that he likes doing. And there’s no harm in he sharing such things on the public forum. So let our reactions be gentle and cordial. By the way, I need some knitted stuffs to trade. Contact me if you have plans for commerce. Smile. It is Sunnah.

-Umar Shariff (President, Discover Islam Education Trust)

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