New Programs From News 6 Soon In’shaa’Allah – 25/7/2021

2 days ago I had an interesting conversation with Dr. Bala (he is at the centre). With us on the right is Manish Mokshugundam, a Yogic preacher. Dr. Bala has served in Marshall Islands, and has trained hundreds of native people to become medical practitioners. Multi-talented and motivational speaker. And also a passionate practitioner of Astrology.

Side note: Amongst the Hindu community, Astrology is a very important discipline to master. However, in Islam, it is a knowledge to be shunned. Islam discourages and terms it haraam – forbidden.

As you guys know, I’m a listener who listens to every person, and try to understand their reasons for certain conclusions. It gives me wonderful experience to chat with people of various backgrounds. The more one interacts with people, the more information about the things. Be with people. And add value to the moments shared together. Add a little smile. And learn from every occasion. That’s the motto always.

Manish and I are coming soon with lots of interesting contents in the Kannada language in’shaa’Allah. Stay tuned. May God bless you all. Special thanks to Team News 6 – Anantha Chinivar bhai and Eeshwar bhai.

MaashaaAllahu Laa Quwwata Illaa Billaah – There’s no power and might, except with Allah.


-Umar Shariff (President, DIET)

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