PEOPLE IN LIFE (Series) – Some things to tell about one of my Shaikhs, Shaikh Arshad Basheer Madani.

Shaikh Arshad Basheer Madani HafizahUllah is one of the best scholars whom I’ve had the liberty to study with, debate with and seek guidance from; sometimes. ALHAMDULILLAH he has many a times travelled to Bangalore, only to sit with a busy student like me, only to tie me up (not literally though), and teach me some very crucial aspects of the Deen. Can you imagine a teacher travelling all the way to take class to a single student! And a student like me, who see him as a friend and a tutor at the same time!

Even in the last one year, as he is currently in the middle east, he pulled me to the Zoom classes to teach me some crucial aspects of Tafseer and Hadeeth. I’m like the school boy who wants to bunk my Tuitions, looking for a 100 excuses to skip the class. That was said on a lighter note by the way. When I sit seriously for studies, then couple of hours will just go on studying about few pages and concepts. The Shaikh is still persistent in teaching me some relevant subjects. But I’m unable to benefit from him now, since my MA in Islamic Studies’ final year exams are around the corner. Dead close. Just 10 days left in’shaa’Allah. Books, pen, sleepless nights and dua are the order of the day for now.

There have been times that I’ve debated with him on few public forums, only to squeeze the knowledge out of him. We’ve had such great memories together that makes us laugh even now when we recall. Such funny moments that kindle the child in us. Believe me, we’ve had great cool days. We’ve spent nights sitting in the car and discussing some complex matters of Fiqh, until Fajr. We’ve travelled to Umarabad together several times to discuss over the travel about some aspects of Deen, and to meet the Shuyookh there. Many events and many conferences and many meetings and many errands. It’s all fresh before me. The Shaikh is a hardworking, simple and resourceful person to benefit from. I pray that Allah grants him all success in duniya and aakhirah.

Why am I sharing these information. So that people know the truth of the matters. To know about people. To know about their services and dedication. And to get inspired by these notes. And to make dua’ for us. It actually makes me happy to have gone through much of adventures in life. And every instance is a sweet memory like a flower in a well decked bouquet.

Thanks for reading. Good day. Wassalaam.

– Umar Shariff (President, DIET)

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