Some Hindi Movies Create Hysteria & Deliriousness

The scripts written to build in a sense of worry and fear is found of late in the Hindi movies especially. Real events are mixed with concocted imaginations that are manufactured to mislead the masses to believe in yet another version of the story; a version that is aimed to belittle a section of the society, while planting seeds of doubts and suspicion against them through these narratives.

Padmavat was a legendary tale narrated with the storyline talking of Sultan Alaauddin Khilji, doing all the possible things to attain the Rajput lady Padmavati, whom he had never met in his lifetime. The movie runs through in such a manner that makes the audience believe the story to be true. This is the craftiness of such movies that mixes history with fiction.

There are many such movies. One such movie is Kesari. The movie again talks of real time event – the Battle of Saragarhi, wherein the Sikh men fight against the Pashtuns. The story is true, but the depiction of the Pashtuns as some sort of barbarians was the exaggeration. The exaggerations of the statements and actions of the Pashtun Muslims, and their customs shown in the movie is never recorded in the books of history that talks of Battle of Saragarhi. Hence these movies are cocktails of real and mythical contents that are casually made to stir delirious thoughts in the minds of the audience. In this case, all the antagonists are shown representing a particular religion. You guessed it right; Islam.

The makers are not actually intending to criticize the Pashtun culture or the Delhi Sultanate. Their aim is to cover with the shawl and bash the today’s Muslims ideologically. There are 100s of such movies that get clearance through the Censor board, that pave ways to build in a sense of insecurity against a community in India. All the peripheral activities that happens against the Muslims of India are due to the direct consequences of publishing and broadcasting misinformation against them. Even the police and intelligence department can get misled through these movies.

And now a new movie is about to hit the OTT platforms and theaters. It’s called the “State of Siege – Temple Attack”. Is this another movie to show the Muslims as the devilish creatures on earth? Just a few dialogues in the teaser seems fishy. Is this once again made with the same formula? Are true events mixed with self-written dialogues, so that the gullible people will not be able to differenciate between the two – real and myth? Let’s wait and watch.

So what can be done in future if you come across anti-Muslim movies? Petition in the courts work. Take the directors and producers to the court if you find them mixing truth with falsehood. Educate the masses through your reviews on such movies. Unmask the true intentions of the mischievous rogues through clear researches that would put them to shame for eternity, God-Willing. If we do this consistently, we will surely find the expected results soon, with the help of God. Let’s take these challenges through intellectual and legal forums, while we also narrate the true incidents as they are.

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