Success stories of UMMEED – Rehabilitation, Training & Placement Centre here:

Last month a total of 8 members accommodated.


A family of 4 members – husband and wife with 2 children who were found begging on streets were provided immediate help with accommodation at UMMEED Centre, and also given medical help to one of their ailing children.

A youth from Hutti was accommodated, and has now found a cashier job in a hotel in Bangalore.

3 youths who are accommodated are undergoing car driving Training now.

Other General Training:

Discipline through Civic sense – trained by a Scout Trainer.

Tarbiyya and Moral Science – by an Islamic Scholar.
2 Admins and 2 Members for Cooking and Maintenance are working full time in this project.

Food, accommodation with clean toilets are all given for free along with the training and placement for the poor and the needy people from all faiths in’shaa’Allah.

We currently need Patrons, Trainers, Volunteers & Admissions Facilitators.

Those interested to donate food materials in kind, donate now.

Monthly requirement of food ration and materials for this month:
Other cooking materials whatever you want to give, please donate now.

Call on 9845041234 / 9620020189
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