Swami Nijagunanda Swami Speaks Of Muslims Contribution In India

On 29th March, 2015 at the Chikmagalore City of Karnataka, SKSM, South Karnataka Salafi Movement had organized a wonderful Conference in the Kannada language. The Conference on “Devanu Yaaru, Avana Sandeshavenu? (Who is God, and what is His message?)” Thousands of people witnessed the event. Non-Muslims benefitted out of it. Books were distributed free to the masses. A well known Politician from the BJP, Mr. C.T. Ravi had attended as a guest speaker. A hindu religious leader attended the conference.

However, there’s an interesting background to this very successful conference. Chikmagalore and the surrounding areas are filled with Dargahs and shrines where the Muslims and the non-Muslims visit to seek help from. It is filled with such innovations where the people of tawheed, the monotheistic people are a hand few in number. This event was the first conference held in such a massive manner on an open ground. A few days before the event, more than 30 masjids’ authorities had lodged a complaint to the Police Department to stop this conference. The Muslims who were into shirk and bid’ah wanted to stop this event. They didn’t want the people to hear the message of tawheed. Guess what, Mr. C.T. Ravi, the politician from the BJP, who has his roots to the RSS, he came forward to support us in organizing this event. He talked to the Police to let us organize the event. Alhamdulillaah, Allah’s help comes from where we don’t even expect from. Verily, Allah has power over all things. May Allah guide Mr. C.T. Ravi to the straight path.

Mr. C.T. Ravi in his speech told that some of his people had even objected him from participating in this conference. But he said he is open minded to learn and question any dogma. He said that he will not accept anything unless he himself gets convinced with his intellectual search to understand the truth.

Br. Ishaaq (earlier Girish), distributed the books from his organization, and the books from DIET to the police and the general masses. Other speakers from the Muslims were Br. Ilyas khan and Mr. Basheer Bijapuri.

I, Umar Shariff, answered some questions raised by the members on the dais.

I spoke of the shirk that has creeped into our society, and it’s harmfulness to the masses. I even spoke about ‘The True God’ worthy to be worshipped. It was nearly an hour and a half talk in kannada.

While I was giving the talk, in the midst of the talk, a non-Muslim walked up the stage and came closer to me, holding my hands and saying, “you have spoken well, you are a good man”. He was in tears, about to prostrate to me, bending down, while I pulled him up and said, “don’t prostrate to me, hug me, we are brothers”. We hugged each other on the dais; and that changed the atmosphere out there. The police and the masses were amazed to see such a peaceful atmosphere, filled with compassion and love. The people of Chikmagalore are now energized after the event to work more towards spreading the message of peace. May Allah bless the congregation, and accept all the deeds done to please Him.

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