Talk The Difficult Matters If You Want The Change

Not any two people in the world are identical in their thoughts and emotional quotient. There are many variations amongst individuals. But man is a social creature. I wouldn’t call him a “social animal” as some of the earlier philosophers have called, since man is not anywhere closer to an animal. Let’s come back to the differences amongst individuals. There is a need to adjust, cooperate, collaborate and coordinate amongst each other to find the results intended. Sometimes husband and wife relationship gets sour due to incompatibility. Sometimes father and children relationship gets messed up due to generation gap. Siblings may have differences due to varied ambitions. Non-cooperation between entrepreneurs and workers too happen. And between businessmen in money matters, there are so many ups and downs. There are n number of relations that need to find solutions to keep them intact. And the first and the most essential remedy is to talk. Yes, a sincere and truthful conversation between the members is necessary to express the thoughts and hopes. It is only when the words are communicated over to another person, the matters of the hearts can be transferred for them to understand. And this is indispensable. Especially in today’s times when divorce cases are exponentially increasing, reconciliation and arbitration processes are at high demand. In some marriage relations, one of the two may be erring. While in other cases both of them may be at fault. In very few cases, both of them may be genuinely good, but misunderstanding led to diversion of thoughts. Hence these matters need a defined discussion. The manner in which the conversation must begin and end should be planned and executed. And many a times, a sincere conversion has led to love and harmony. I’m sure everyone of you out here has one or the other issue with another. And if you want to solve them, then initiate the talking business. Yes, this will lead profits. And it will avoid losses. So talk. Talk it out with sincerity while maintaining the decorum of talking. The conversation must be controlled by mediators and negotiators if required. The tone and demeanor must not be to make things worse. But to allow each other to be heard. As you maintain the talking business for a long time, your partner will understand your thinking process and aspirations. So there will be a time when talking may not be even necessary. For the talkings have connected the hearts well. All the best.

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