The Difference Between Sahaabaa’s Commitment And That Of Ours Today

Many cite references to what the Sahaabaa – Prophet’s companions were in the battle fields, while they fought against the Romans and the Persians, the super powers of their time. They fought with very few numbers against the large armies; in some cases even 1:20 ratio. Yet they won the battles. What was the secret of their victories?

They had given up haraam, faahisha and munkar – the forbidden, the obscene and evil things that Allah and His Messenger forbade them from doing. And observed the Faraaid and Waajibaat – the obligatory deeds and the compulsory deeds. And they involved in doing khairaath and Mustahabb – the welfare activities and encouraged deeds. They didn’t trivialize the issues even such as beard and hijaab. They were a God fearing nation. And their fights were fought for the pleasure of Allah; not for the glory of any flag or the leader.

In today’s times, people are not just far away from the religion, they are also working to corrupt the religious atmosphere. You’ll find the ummah – people busy in bid’ah – innovated activities that make a mockery of the deen. I’m talking of the bid’ah in ‘aqeedah – creed. We see that many rely on the dead saints’ intervention from the graves. We find many praying dil ki namaaz – the prayers from the hearts. We see people who have placed their trust in ta’weez – amulets. And we can see the men taking dowry from the brides, families watching obscenities over televisions, forsaking the obligatory deeds and involving in all sort of haraam deeds. And the sense of standing up for the truth and justice is in the last line of their page. So that says it all.

We, as a collective ummah are currently under humiliation. Allah has placed humiliation upon us. And He will not lift it, unless we return back to His Deen – the religion and the commandments of Allah. Until then, have fun with the love for the duniya – world, while there is karaahath for the mauth – hatefulness for death.

– Umar Shariff (President, DIET)

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