The Importance of Pre-Marital Courses for Youths: Navigating Responsibilities, Legalities, and Social Evils

Marriage is one of the most significant milestones in life, and it brings with it a plethora of joys and responsibilities. For youths who are preparing to take this leap, it is essential to receive guidance and support to navigate the journey ahead. This is where pre-marital courses come in – they offer an opportunity for young people to learn about their duties, responsibilities, and legal rights as spouses. In this article, we’ll explore why pre-marital courses are important and the topics that must be addressed during these workshops.

The Need for Professional Help

Preparing for marriage is not just about choosing the right partner and planning a wedding – it involves emotional, psychological and social preparation as well. This is why professional help from psychologists is crucial. They can provide the necessary counselling and support to help youths navigate the challenges that come with marriage. Through workshops, they can train youths to develop healthy communication skills, manage conflicts, and build strong relationships.

Educating Against Social Evils

Social evils such as domestic violence, dowry and child marriage without the girl’s consent and desire still prevail in some societies. It is essential to educate youths about these issues and empower them to make informed decisions that prioritize their safety and well-being. Pre-marital courses can provide a platform for discussions around these sensitive topics, helping to raise awareness and prevent these issues from perpetuating.

Legal Rights and Duties of Spouses

In addition to emotional and social preparation, pre-marital courses must also cover the legal rights and duties of spouses. Participants must be informed about the laws that govern marriage, divorce, inheritance and child custody. They must also understand the importance of upholding their conjugal rights while respecting their partner’s boundaries. Violation of these rights can lead to legal proceedings and put a strain on the relationship.

Islamic Perspective on Marriage

For those who follow Islam, pre-marital courses must also address the religious and spiritual aspects of marriage. This includes learning about the lawful and prohibited things in Islam, and understanding the importance of maintaining a strong bond with Allah. Participants must also learn about the role of religion in building a strong, healthy and fulfilling marriage.

In conclusion, pre-marital courses are an essential aspect of preparing youths for marriage. They offer a platform for psychological, social, legal and religious preparation, helping young people build a strong foundation for a successful marriage. Professional help from psychologists and experienced individuals is necessary to deliver these courses effectively. By addressing these crucial topics, pre-marital courses can play a significant role in promoting healthy and fulfilling marriages.

Written & Compiled By
Umar Shariff
(President, Discover Islam Education Trust)

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