The Vicious Cycle Within The Corrupt Nation

In India, when a common man goes to the police station to register a complaint, the Police doesn’t pay heed to him, unless he gives them a couple of thousands to consider the appeal. And then if he wants to pursue to get the rightful justice, he may have to give more monies to the men in Khakhi uniform.

When these policemen go to other government offices to get their licences and legal documents done, even their files don’t cross tables, unless they grease the hands of the officials.

And when these officials go to the nearby schools to get their child’s admission, then they have to pay a huge sum to the school management as donations. These donations are collected by the school admins, that are later given to the education department for providing their affiliations and license to run the schools.

And when the members of education departments have to get promotions or get transferred to a better place to earn more bribes, they will have to pay the politicians under the table.

And these politicians when they go to ask for votes, they enter every house in their respective constituencies with truck load of money to buy the consent of their voters.

And when these voters, go to the hospitals during the corona pandemic, the hospital management deny the beds for those who can’t afford to reserve the beds with oxygen. Money talk even during pandemic here. The injections and vaccines are also sold in black market. Even duplicate medicines are on the fore.

And when these doctors get old, their children kick them to oldage homes and usurp their fathers’ hard earned black money.

And when these people from the generation next do anything with that money, everything gets devoured by other corrupt officials and professionals. This is India my friend. From every small department to the highest office in India is smeared with corruption that is either in the form of money, post blocking or in reciprocating favours.

Every road contract has its history. And every doctor’s graduation has its history. Then how would the people get quality service in any department? Now do you understand why the hospitals are filled with heartless men. For they came to their chairs after paying lakhs of money to get their professional certificates. A medical seat is running in lakhs. Did we ask why? Why should we limit the numbers of seats to a selected few, while creating an artificial demand to only raise the bar of the bribes and donations? There are students who have spent crores together to get pass through their 5 years MBBS course. Why do you think they will consider service above paisa, while their fathers have sold lands and properties to invest in their children’s business! This is the vicious circle my friend.

India’s good future lies in cutting the roots to all of these bribes and taxes that are sucking the blood and sweat of every countrymen literally. The taxes collected from people too are spent on projects where the ones who get the projects treat the officials in kind or wealth. Carcinogenic ingredients are added in almost everything you cultivate or eat, and the health department is not bothered, as long as they their monthly cheque. Can’t you see the cancer within our society! If this pandemic has not taught them a lesson, then let they be prepared to be treated like garbage in the trash.

I forgot to include some more things. Even the media takes suitcases from the politicians to cover up their faults. They even work to get the innocents get arrested, while acting like cheerleaders for the corrupt Netas. And by the way, if you are fighting a legal battle in the court, then don’t be surprised if even the public prosecutor and the judge expects a cut there. How many judges are caught red handed so far in India! Shameless men and women in their black gowns are known to lie the most in the professions, while they claim to work to get justice to people.

This kind of a dirty society is not favored by God. And when things get to point of major sickness, then such natural calamities in the form of floods, pandemic, earthquakes and riots are sent by God Almighty. Even the good souls will lose their lives then, while the corrupt die in great numbers.

Stand up. Stand up for justice and equity. And seek the mercy of The Lord of the universe.

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