Toxic Discussions Are Hazardous To Growth

Many who complain of what others are planning against us, busy themselves with pinpointing every action of others, while not giving enough time to look into their own actions. Their discourses are filled with negativity, fear, panic and anger that keeps their hearts in a state of anxiety all the time. Such toxic and poisonous discussions are detrimental to one’s own spiritual and materialistic growth.

On the contrary, the way of the believers is filled with light of hope. Their discussions are filled with hope, guidance, mercy and strength. Their belief that all of these things are just a test from Allah, and that Allah has power over all things, and the conviction that He alone can change the conditions of our state is well rooted in the belief system. Hence a believer is calm, hardworking, dedicated and composed.

We can understand that the world is not a place of rest. It’s a place of test. We are here to pass through the examinations. Remember, your enemies cannot harm you, unless you choose to get harmed. If we work our strategies with careful planning and coordination, then every challenge can become our successful milestone. We don’t have to worry of other’s actions; but be worried of our wrong actions.

At a time when negativity is in the air, I encourage everyone of you to be optimistic and realistic at the same time. Be critical and analytical over every thing you come across. Then work towards changing every negative energy into positive energy. Truly that’s possible with the help of Allah. Be positive. Strive in the right direction. Success is waiting for you.

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