UK is no OK

UK is not OK. But then, SAB TEEK HAI, for every cloud comes with a silver lining. And there is ease after every trial.

If a man gets retarded, we can send him to an asylum, or a mental clinic. If a dog gets retarded and starts biting people on streets, then people would kill the dog or put it in the cage. What if the UK government gets retarded? How to respond to this?

We knew that UK was not OK, ever since the war against the Weapons of Mass Destruction was fought. We knew that UK was not OK, when Tony blair allied with Bush, in the war against the innocent civilians in Afghanistan. We knew that UK was not OK, for its relationship with the Israel, for its government policies, for its irresponsible decision making for a long while now.

But, couldn’t expect it to get so mad as it has now. Its like a mad dog on the street, biting every passer by on the street. Crazy mad dog needs to be treated or put in to the cage. But then, who is going to do that? Will the U.S, the saviours of the world against the aliens? That can happen only in Hollywood movies. Remember Independence day by Bill Pullman? Birds of same feathers flock together. The American government or the UK government, they are twins from the same womb.

The recent ban that was imposed against Dr. Zakir Naik, an Indian Muslim, is a foolish decision made by the UK. It shows their lack of intellectual resource, within the council of the Parliament. They claimed that Dr. Zakir Naik speaks to boost Terrorism. Its like giving a lolly pop to a 3 year old kid. But are we going to take that from the UK? My sincere question to the fools who came out with this decision is, “Do you think that the Indian Government was sleeping all through the 18 years of time? Dr. Zakir Naik didn’t start giving his talks from yesterday, for people to understand his intellect. His 18 years endeavor, debating and putting the Christian missionaries to reread the bible and pinning the Hindu pandits to the floor, is all well known to the whole world. But may not be known to the world which drinks the whole day, and parties the whole night. Hope Therasa May is not one of them. The Indian Vigilant System is quite aware of Dr. Zakir Naik and his activities. The CDs and books are sold in the Indian and the World markets since 18 years. And today you come and tell me that Dr. Zakir promotes Terrorism. Now, if UK can make such a thing against a well known person Dr. Zakir Naik, then what can it make out of the unknown person Osama bin laden. Is the propaganda against Osama bin laden like the war on weapons of mass destruction? Why not? It could be. It may be or may not be. But, the current affairs of the UK makes us doubt its intelligence. The misrepresented, cut and pasted edited videos are not the proofs to be considered to impose the ban. If you want the complete literature, or the CDs of Dr. Zakir, just walk down the squares of UK, they are being sold there since the past 18 years.

The statement made by the Home Secretary of UK, Therasa May, is more of a chauvinistic nature, which still has the remnants of the Psyche of the British rule in India. The British came into our lands, India, to suck our resources, like a leech, and drained every bit and gave freedom to the dead body. And today, Therasa May telling us Indians that “Entering UK is a privilge, and not a right”. How dare you say that. Apologise to all Indians for that. Damn it. You entered our soil like a shameless thief, and now calling us Terrorists. Let me put it to you Therasa May and to your chaylaas and gurus, “you are banned from India”. You and your associates were banned since 1947. You were driven out from our lands. Our precious kohinoor in your museums? You thief, give it back now. (With the British deciding to display a replica of the Kohinoor in a London museum, the spotlight is again on India‚Äôs lost relic. Kuldip Nayar, former High Commissioner to the UK, recalls why his request for the return of the jewel went unheeded. Source…/s pectrum/lead1.jpg) You shameless thief looting us and showing the world of your anti-terror law? Even while leaving India, you divided us into bits and pieces. Pakistan, Bangladesh were all within India before you came. But now, your contribution to our country is still felt.

The Indians have disowned you. In a few days to come, even your own country men will disown you. Your conscious will disown you too, for having waged a war against the Truth, for having made the mistake of cornering the Muslims to the wall. Remember, the tiger is the most dangerous when cornered. For it has no option but to leap onto the one cornering it. And now, be prepared to face the leaping Muslim community, the community that adheres to the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the way) of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him). By the way, when we talk about the Muslim community, please dont include your British weaned baby, Ahmadiyya Jamaat, or the Grave chelas or the Goofis, I meant Soofis. These deviant guys are hand in glove with you. They are with you when you ban the people of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah (the People adhering to the Way of the Prophet and the understanding of his companions).

As far as the Muslims are concerned, this move of UK has only increased our faith. It has made it evident that the disbelievers don’t have a system for justice, for they do not have the divine guidance. We have seen the people in our times, like those staunch disbelievers during the times of Prophet Muhammad, who didn’t permit the Prophet and his companioins to make the pilgrimage to Makkah. And the Hudaibiyah treaty that was signed, were all evidences for us to understand the nature of disbelievers. 1400 years later, we find the same nature exhibited by the disbelievers living today. Their sense of justice has been the same all through. The difference is that, the enemies of Prophet Muhammad embraced Islam then, and the enemies of the Prophet’s message today, have not yet embraced Islam. We pray to Allah that HE guides Therasa May and her people to Islam.

And to the Muslims, I have an appeal. Nevermind what the disbelievers say about us. If we hold on to the commandments of Allah, then HE is sufficient for us. Today’s main problem is that the Muslims are not living upto what Islam expects from them. Let us return to the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Today they may ban the Speakers and Scholars, and tomorrow they may even ban those who pray 5 times a day, calling it the programming system of terrorism. They are fools who can get to any level. But, before that, we strengthen our roots. And we stand firm with a system that safeguards our lives, properties, values, honour, and more than anything, our religion Islam.

The days are not too far for the Muslim ummah to re-establish once again with the Law that has come to prevail over all the ideologies. Either Therasa May will give Zakaath then, or she may pay the Jizya without fail inshaallaah.

Written by: Umar Shariff
Discover Islam Education Trust

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