The UMMEED PROGRAM, organized by DIET, in association with KMMT and JADS, facilitated by the UMMEED units, HOPE and CIS, had a tremendous impact on the people of Shivajinagar, Bangalore.

UMMEED PROGRAM, aims at removing all the social evils from the face of the earth. And the topic of discussion on this occasion was THE EVILS OF DOWRY and THE IMPORTANCE OF CLEANLINESS.

Ummeed Program was a great success this time too. The event was conducted in the evening, on Sunday, 18th April, 2010.The Stage was set in the middle of the streets, with the Police supervising its activities. The Public who were amounting to thousands of passers by, couldn’t miss the sight of the Muslims talking against Dowry and Cleanliness. Hundreds of people watched it while seated, and did add to the Program as a positive catalyst. The ambience was truly inspiring and motivating. The Program included Public talks by the Muslim Scholars, Shaykh Inaayatullah Umri and Shaykh Javeed Umri. The other Speakers were Mr. Muktar Ahmed ( President, KMMT), Mr. Arshad.B.K (Gen. Sec. JADS), Mr. Narayan Rao (The Dalit Freedom Fighter), Mr. Mustafa Baig (An Educationist), Mr. Mullaah, Mr. Sameer Ahmed, Mr. Umar and others. Audio Visual program that was produced by Dead End Media, (the Production unit of DIET) captivated the audience and the passers by.

This time UMMEED PROGRAM initiated the “Shivajinagar Cleaning Project”, which aims at providing sanitary facilities and cleaning facilities to the localities of Shivajinagar.

What would we achieve by this Project?

The achievement of this Program is estimated to uplift the Muslim societies, by having presentable roads and other facilities. The Muslim image must be symbolized by cleanliness and prosperity. Hence, this initiative towards the noble goals is something that which is the need of the hour. The diseases that spread in these localities is also tremendous. The diseases such as dengue, malaria, swine flu etc etc, are estimated to be controlled through this campaign as well.

As the UMMEED caption says “Life Begins with Hope”, we thank Allah, on Whom we have placed our trust, for having made this program a great success.

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