Valentine’s Day Suits The Liberals; Not The Conservatives

Casanova is a person who is not really serious with relationships with his girlfriends. He loves to propose them for love, then dates around, and flirts and so on, while he has scheduled to do all that with other girls in the very same day. According to the dictionary meaning, Casanova means a person who seduces women and has many lovers.

For such a Casanova, valentine’s day is the perfect day to put his petitions across various opportunities. Those beautiful and charming women who are looking for casual relationship with men who are not serious about marriage and life, are the ones who don’t mind hanging around with the Casanova. So they are the perfect match for each other. Men who flirt with x number of women, and women who swap men every third day have a perfect day to initiate their short-term relations – Valentine’s Day.

However, in today’s times, even those who are from the conservative upbringing are excited over sending gifts on the Valentine’s day to their crush, thinking that this would be a perfect start to engage in a steady affair. Instead they could talk to their parents to consider if it is the right choice they are making at the first place. We are not talking about the liberal families here, whose members don’t worry much over what happens with regards to one’s choice to marry the person or live together in a live-in relations. For the liberals, they have no set way of life. For them everything is fine, as long as no one is apparently and immediately harmed. But for the conservatives and the orthodox people, their principles of life govern their choices. At a long run, their life will be much meaningful and rewarding.

So, everyone has their path to choose. The adulteress men and women, and the flirting people have Valentine’s day to fulfill their desires. And the faithful men and women can choose another path to their amorous relations, by first talking to their parents of what they like, and about considering marriage with the one whom they consider to take them as a life partner. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. And that must start with sacramental initiatives, so that the outcome of such relations gives way to children who can be addressed with their respective father’s names.

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