Why Am I Here? This Question Needs Answer.

Many ask this question to themselves at some point of their life – Why am I here? They ask this question after pondering over their purpose of their life on earth. They want to know the reason behind all of the daily activities, desires and ambitions, for which every man strives to achieve something, while nothing comes with him while he dies. His trophies, marks cards, buildings, cars, bikes, wife and children, parents, friends and relatives, wealth and fame, everything is left in this world, while his life on earth reaches the expiry date. What’s all this for? Why is that we are born to see all of this? That’s the question.

Many may get this question “Why am I here?” at the time that they reach the death bed, hoping to live for more days. People want to live more on earth. But for many, this question arise much early. I had these questions haunt me in my school days itself. I used to discuss with my college-mates and my elders, amongst my teachers and neighbours too. I have had lengthy discussions with religious leaders from various communities to understand their thoughts over this.

And finally found the answer in the Qur’an. That was very convincing and giving a direction to my life. In the Qur’an, in Surah Ad-Dhaariyaat, Chapter no. 51, aayath no. 56 it says:
“I haven’t created mankind and jinns, except to worship Me (The God Almighty)”.

God Almighty says that the very purpose of life on earth is to worship Allah. So what’s worship then? To do all things to seek the pleasure of God is worship. To abstain from all that God has forbidden us from is worship. Hence the Qur’an calls towards eating the lawful things on earth, to worship Allah. It guides us to fulfill our desires by marrying spouse through wedlock, in order to worship Allah. It guides us to refrain from all the unlawful ways of sexual gratification, in order to worship Allah. The same applies to trade and business. We must do halaal – lawful business by telling truth. And all kinds of fraudulent and treachery is haraam – forbidden. Hence the concept of worship is very simple and very vast in Islam. It encompasses all aspects of life on earth. Now this is what that keeps the Muslims at comfort over this question of their purpose of life. Hope this opened a door to a deeper insight or simply reiterated your own convictions. Thanks for reading.

Umar Shariff
President, DIET

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