Why was I arrested in the IMA’s case, and why was I released by the Court?


On the evening of July 16th 2019, the S.I.T officer, ACP Abdul Khader called me over the phone and asked me if I could give sometime to give my statements regarding the IMA’s case. I said: you are welcome Sir. Meet me at such and such place. There were about 3 policemen who came to take my statements. They asked me about my opinion about Mansoor Khan, the CEO of IMA. I told them I’ve known him to be a philanthropist, a charitable and a good businessman. And that I feel there’s more to this scam. There’s a need to probe into the reasons why the company has crashed.

The police said that I need to give my statements before ACP Abdul Khader. I said ok. And we reached the S.I.T office by about 8pm. I gave all the statements. And they enquired if I had promoted the investments at the IMA. I replied in a negative by saying that I’ve always questioned those who claimed the company to be a ponzi scheme, but never asked anyone to invest in the company. Soon after they accused me of taking money in cash from IMA. I declined by saying that I haven’t taken anything from them. I told them that whatever I dealt with IMA was all transparent. The school that I was representing had collected a school van in charity, and some equipments for the science laboratory too from the IMA society. We have maintained transparency in our records. The police thereafter got convinced. But soon after he spoke to someone over the phone and explained to him that I have given all the statements. But the one to whom he was conversing with asked me to be detained. That was an illegal detention. To cut the story short, I was victimised for no crime of mine. I was produced before the court on the 18th July, 2019, while barring access to my mobile phone and my lawyers from July 16th to July 18th. Such was the violation of law by the S.I.T sleuths. After that I was sent to the Bangalore Central Jail. The whole political structure changed in Karnataka after that. BJP came to power and CBI was asked to investigate this case. CBI later after investigating, didn’t even add my name in the charge sheet. After 85 days in prison, I was released by the court.

The conclusion of the investigation is that my talks never promoted investments at the IMA. And I hadn’t taken any money in cash from the IMA for getting them business. This was the outcome. My unedited videos are available even now. My past declarations are available too. Yet I was put behind bars. Not only me. Even others who were sent to jail were sent on false charges initially by the S.I.T. The media had mentioned many lies before the masses about the Nominated Corporator Mujahid; of he having more than 100 bank accounts; of he handling IMA business; of he escorting Mansoor Khan out of India etc etc. And finally the charge sheet mentions that he sold his property at a higher price to IMA! This is all they could record in the charge sheet. Can you believe it! Two others were released along with me without charges. Their names are SanaaUllah and Ravi. They were labourers working at the IMA’s factory. They had no role in the sales or decision making of the business. They were released after no charges against them. Mansoor Khan is responsible for the company’s downfall, for having mismanaged the money that he was trusted with. I have always said that I didn’t find the company to have involved in ponzi. That’s what I said to the CBI even. But I affirm that it was a scam. The company was running well. According to few officials who have interacted with me and other person related to this case, IMA was not a ponzi scheme when it started and operating for many years. And the profits were reaching the investors on time. And later the company turned into a messy scam. Why did the company get into such a situation? Who are the ones who brought the company into such a condition? And how did they do it? These are the questions that needs to be answered by the research analysts. I was calling people to ask these questions. And hence I was jailed.

I cannot speak further about this case, since the matter is subjudice. But what I would want to say is, I’ve my research in place. And I’ve given my 8 pages report to the CBI. And I’ve not wronged anyone amongst the IMA investors. I’m one of the investors by the way. All my videos have questioned those who said that IMA was a ponzi scheme. And in the videos I had even asked the ones who believe IMA as ponzi scheme to go to police or authorities to file cases against them if they had proofs for the same. I even made a disclaimer that I’m not a spokesperson for IMA, nor do I encourage or discourage anyone from investing there. All these have been recorded and well documented too.

IMA had funded and sponsored many institutions in Bangalore and outside Bangalore. Why the management of those institutions were not arrested, while I was arrested? The Tv channels in Karnataka used to broadcast IMA’s adverts to promote their business. Why they were not arrested, and I was arrested?
IMA was the highest payers of taxes in the retail sector in jewellery in Karnataka? They were cleared of income tax raids twice? Why none of them who certified the company are arrested? Mansoor Khan gave the names of many who were the cause for the company’s downfall. Why they were not arrested, except a few? These are the questions that the masses had to ask. On the contrary, when people like me and Mujahid were sent to jail, the masses got confused and didn’t know whom to trust. Infact we both were the ones who came forward to help the investors and the company to get their rights. But were damned to jail, and the community was numbed soon after that. And those who had past enmity with us used the opportunity to spread lies over the social media.

This case is a high-drama with politicians and bureaucrats as the artists. And the S.I.T have also played their part and spoken the script that was given to them. Who were the ones managing the screenplay then? Ask the question until you get the answer.

As far as I am concerned, it was the will of Allah that came to happen for me. I was in jail with honour. And I got released with honour. Those who put me in jail are being questioned today by the CBI. And those who spoke lies about me will burn in the hellfire in’shaa’Allah, if they don’t seek Allah’s forgiveness. Allah will surely take retribution or forgive the ones who turn to him in repentance.

I’ve known some of them from amongst the well reputed organisations and institutions who have taken this opportunity to speak about me without knowledge, only to quench their thirst to satiate their appetite for jealousy. I pray that they will get humiliated in this world and the hereafter; and may Allah unmask their faces before the masses, so that they die a miserable death.

And to my great friends and wellwishers, I have a message. I am doing good. I’m much better than before. I’ve understood the world better, and have understood people better. This is only going to make us strong in the coming days in’shaa’Allah. I’ve many projects and programs coming up in’shaa’Allah. Those will be to uplift the socio-politico-economic and spiritual wellbeing of our lives in’shaa’Allah. In’shaa’Allah will keep you all posted with the developments. Thanks for your dua’ and well wishes. Your dua’s have always helped me wherever I was, by the grace of Allah. May Allah bless you all and your families.

Umar Shariff
President of DIET

Originally written on Facebook. Dated Feb 3, 2020.

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