Is the wages for Cupping permissible, makrooh or haraam?

It is permissible. Ibn Abbas radhiyAllahu ‘anhu narrated a Hadeeth of the Prophet peace be upon him paying the cupper and said that had it been haraam, the Prophet wouldn’t…

Eight Angels

Why Are We Created? | Purpose of Life | Inspiring Talk | Eight Angels Production

What’s the Purpose of Life? We are doing so many things on this world. What for are we doing these things? Why are we even born? Subscribe | Like |…

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Falseness of the hadeeth about Adam praying by virtue of Muhammad

Q– I read this hadeeth and I would like to know whether it is saheeh or not. “When Adam committed his sin, he said, ‘O Lord, I ask You by…


In the name of the cow - releasing soon

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