What Have We Achieved Through The Partition?

Who is responsible for the partition of India into India and Pakistan? Who started the idea and who wished for it? All of these questions are not relevant today. What’s…

Eight Angels

Islamic Counselling Certificate; Exclusive | comprehensive | online

The Islamic Family Institute offers a 2-year certification in Islamic Psychology and Counselling. This comprehensive course is a series of 18 courses enabling the student to understand Islamic Counselling in…

Start your own business | A Provision Store in Bengaluru | 8 Angels – Project A001

In’shaa’Allaah in about 160 sq ft, you can have a little provision store 👍


Falseness of the hadeeth about Adam praying by virtue of Muhammad

Q– I read this hadeeth and I would like to know whether it is saheeh or not. “When Adam committed his sin, he said, ‘O Lord, I ask You by…


In the name of the cow - releasing soon

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