Can Muslim Women Wear Bikinis? – Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

A Muslim woman can wear bikini but the religious prohibition is about displaying it in public or to someone who is not your husband.

There are dressing norms in every religion and society. A girl or boy winning an olympic medal in swimming would not wear swimming costume and roam in malls and school college campus. Because the rules differ.

Even the most charitable person, no matter how much she donates to her church or temple, would not wear bikini in the same church or temple. The dress code not announced, yet silently understood that this is a place for conservatives and orthodox.
Would any student be allowed to wear bikini in classroom? Because bikini is supposed to be worn on beaches and pools. Rest of the places are not allowed to display.

Islam stretches this boundary upto personal bedroom. I am sure even the Old and the New Testament says the same. Kindly check out Ist Corinthians -14:34 and many other verses.

I am born and brought up in India and still majorly of Indian women still wear traditional dresses covering most of the body.

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